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Strange Science: Where to Get Super Powers … Or Not

With the number of super heroes who get their powers from radioactive waste, you’d think there’d be a lot more short-lived super heroes. Radiation may seem like an awesome source of powers, but the reality is that it is more … Continue reading

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The Snakes or the Humans?

An essay by Professor Chester Willis, as provided by Calvin Demmer Art by Leigh Legler How does one ask forgiveness for potentially killing the entire human race? That is a question I have pondered all morning. Would you believe me … Continue reading

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It Landed in the Woods, My Head

An essay by Joseph Mei, as provided by Leslie J. Anderson Art by America Jones Taco was a Papillion, for all intents and purposes, and showed up at the door of my small white house at the edge of the … Continue reading

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The Goliath Complex

An essay by James Dultry, as provided by Franz Bidinger III Illustration by Luke Spooner The newspapers called it Colombian Devil’s Breath. The scientists, Scopolamine. I call it the drug that ruined our country. This isn’t a morality tale about … Continue reading

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