• Large gelatinous sphere off the west coast of Norway

    Strange Science: Unidentified Gelatinous Spheres

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    Divers and scientists are baffled by the appearance of large gelatinous spheres, up to a meter across, that have appeared in the ocean off the west coast of Norway, among other locations. Spotted in cold, northern locales and off the coast of Turkey, some have speculated that these could be eggs laid by giant...

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    Dawn Vogel as Velma

    That Man Behind the Curtain: August 2017

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    August was comparatively quiet, all told. Our big shipping extravaganza hadn’t happened yet, so the expenses are pretty low. The Money Aspect Amounts in parentheses are losses/expenses. Hosting: (-$17.06) Stories: (-$290.00) Art: (-$562.63) Advertising: (-$87.02) Processing Fees: (-$34.96) Printing: (-$154.62) Donations: $310.96 Ad Revenue: $0.32 Online Book Sales: $26.31 Total: (-$808.70) QTD: (-$2,417.57) YTD:...

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    Review of Everfair by Nisi Shawl

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    Cover art for Everfair

    Everfair (Tor Books, 2016) is the debut novel from acclaimed speculative fiction short-story author Nisi Shawl. The book is an interesting read that showcases Shawl’s background with short stories, as some chapters could be short stories unto themselves. But the narrative framework of the book, which is more about the country of Everfair than...

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    Now Available: Utter Fabrication

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    Cover Art for Utter Fabrication

    Our newest anthology is available for purchase today! “It takes time for a space to become a place. I’d never quite pinned down at what point during the gradual accretion of events and memories that houses became more than the sum of their parts, but I’d put down enough supposed hauntings to have developed...

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    Strange Science: Maillardet’s Automaton

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    Maillardet's Automaton

    In the early nineteenth century, a Swiss mechanician built an automaton that could write poetry and draw pictures. Granted, the poetry and pictures it could draw were pre-programmed, but the memory involved in the machine is the equivalent of slight more than one-third of a megabyte–not bad for a 200-plus year old machine! Henri...

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    Review of Queen of Swords by R. S. Belcher

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    Cover art for Queen of Swords

    A review by Dusty Wallace Queen of Swords is the third book in R. S. Belcher’s Golgotha series, and none of it takes place in Golgotha. For fans of that bizarre little frontier town in Nevada, that’s sort of a letdown. But it also means new readers of the series can jump right in...

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    The Unfortunate Incident that Took Place During Our Annual Take Your Offspring to Work Day

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    Art for "The Unfortunate Incident that Took Place During Our Annual Take Your Offspring to Work Day"

    From the desk of Doctor Gracie McMillian Doctor of Psychological Operations, Germ Warfare, Cloning, and Floral Arranging: Schrodinger–Milgram Research Laboratory As provided by Allison Spector Art by Justine McGreevy TO:  Dr. Olivia Carter; Dr. James Peterson; Dr. Wanda Hickenlooper; Mr. & Mrs. Lilith Stein; Chief Inspector Patricia Jordan; Mr. Waggles the Sentient Canine; Experiments 313 (Ted), 345 (Sven), 932 (Annie)...

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    On Kickstarter: The Sun and the Wayward Wind

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    Cover of The Sun and The Wayward Wind

    As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting diverse creators and projects, today, we’re featuring a comic project currently on Kickstarter. The Sun and the Wayward Wind is an anthology of comics by a huge group of creators telling historical and contemporary tales from all parts of North America, from the Arctic Circle to...

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    Send Us Your Stories!

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    Cover for Mad Scientist Journal: Summer 2017

    Would you like to see your stories published on this website and in our quarterly magazine? For the month of September, we are open to regular story submissions! Please be sure to read the submission guidelines, which can be found here, carefully! The deadline is midnight Pacific Time on September 30th, so be sure...

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    My Fragile Butterfly

    by  • September 4, 2017 • 1 Comment

    Art for "My Fragile Butterfly"

    An essay by Jeremy Kelsey, as provided by Megan Dorei Art by Shannon Legler Subject 42 is staring at me with greenhouse eyes, symmetrically accurate rainbow worlds suspended in crystal. They were brown when I met him, but the transmutation process liquefies ocular flesh, so I had to contain them in glass. The effect...

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