• Cover art for Welcome to Miskatonic University

    Interview with Scott Gable of Broken Eye Books

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    Broken Eye Books is currently running a Kickstarter for Welcome to Miskatonic University, which we mentioned last week as part of our alumni news post, and today we’re talking with Scott Gable about the anthology and more! Dawn Vogel: Tell us a little about Broken Eye Books and what you do. Scott Gable: I...

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    Strange Science: The Machinations of Dolphins

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    It’s well known that dolphins are quite intelligent, but did you know that they have been known to show forethought, an understanding of delayed gratification, and even planning? In 1993, a dolphin at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Mississippi named Kelly learned that bringing litter to her keepers would earn her fish....

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    Kickstarters Featuring MSJ Alumni, Other Short Stories, Literary Magazine, and Reading

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    Cover art for Welcome to Miskatonic University

    This week, we’re sharing some Kickstarters featuring Mad Scientist Journal alumni and other publishing news from our alumni! The Welcome to Miskatonic University Kickstarter by Broken Eye Books will feature stories from MSJ alum Gwendolyn Kiste and MSJ co-editor Dawn Vogel! Gwendolyn’s story will be in the primary anthology that this Kickstarter is funding, while Dawn’s is slated...

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    Concerning Your Recent Creation of Sentient Horse-things on the Next Planet Over

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    Art for "Concerning your Recent Creation of Sentient Horse-things on the Next Planet Over"

    E-mails between Dr Henrietta Higglebottem and Dr Hsieng “Jack” Xao, forwarded by Dr Higglebottem to Stewart C Baker Art by Liz Argall Dear Dr. Higglebottem, The board has received troubling reports from a group of hyper-dolphins about your recent activities on Tau Ceti f. These reports claim: that you have created sentient horse-things; that...

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    Strange Science: Ketamine For Treating Depression

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    Molecular structure of ketamine

    Scientists have recently been studying the possible use of ketamine as a fast-acting treatment for depression, particularly major depressive disorder and bipolar depression. Ketamine is predominantly used as a medication for starting and maintaining anesthesia, for humans and domestic animals. It has also been used as a recreational drug. But with low, subanesthetic doses,...

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    Permanent Exhibition

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    Art for "Permanent Exhibition"

    An essay by Mr. Vince DeMarsh, as provided by Dr. J. A. Grier Art Amanda Jones As an agent for eccentric artist-types, my life was unpredictable, but I had an eye for the kind of talent that made money. In fact, I was on the phone with some of that talent, and was getting...

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    Strange Science: Math and Probability

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    Weird math surface sculpture

    Math and probability are fascinating topics, which not everyone enjoy. But for those who are fans of these things, there are all sorts of unusual facts in these fields. This article lists ten of the most surprising math facts. Of them, the Birthday Paradox was a familiar one, though we’re still not sure how...

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    That Man Behind the Curtain: January 2018

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    Our table at Foolscap 2018!

    January saw the final steps towards launching this month’s Kickstarter, so some of the expenses reflect that. The Money Aspect Amounts in parentheses are losses/expenses. Web Resources: (-$67.06) Stories: (-$260.00) Art: (-$684.00) Advertising: (-$85.43) Processing Fees: (-$18.39) Printing: (-$21.59) Donations: $44.71 Ad Revenue: $0.25 Online Book Sales: $88.57 Total: (-$1,002.94) QTD: (-$2,094.45) YTD: (-$4,188.90)...

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