• Art for "Fetch Monkey"

    Fetch Monkey

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    An essay by S. Dewisker et al. as related by Thomas Diehl Art provided by Leigh Legler Day 1 Today, we commenced final research in our project for animal control through electronic stimulation of brain activity. After promising results with canines and felines, we decided to move on to primates. The institute was not...

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    Diagram of a human brain

    Strange Science: Suppression of Fear

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    Scientists at Texas A&M University have recently identified a portion of the brain in rats that inhibits fear, which may ultimately lead to new ways to treat conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The nucleus reuniens, a small brain region in the thalamus, was previously believed to primarily function as a pathway for the transmission...

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    On Kickstarter: Redbot

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    Sample of Redbot computer control model kits

    Do you want to build a robot? (It doesn’t have to be a robot.) Check out the Kickstarter for Redbot, which offers computer controlled model kits. It’s a great way to learn about programming for kids and adults. The models require only glue to put together, and the programming is done on free software,...

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    Review of Jack Jetstark’s Intergalactic Freakshow

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    Cover art for Jack Jetstark's Intergalactic Freakshow

    Jack Jetstark’s Intergalactic Freakshow by Jennifer Lee Rossman (World Weaver Press, 2018) is a great novel that blends superheroes and sci-fi in a delightful way, with a carnival freak show thrown in for good measure. These aren’t heroes in costumes, but powered individuals who use their abilities for the good of the universe. It’s...

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    Awesome Find: Budding Mad Scientists

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    Young mad scientist

    If you’ve got a budding mad scientist on your hands, have you checked out Mad Science Group Inc.? They provide children with hands-on science experiences, helping to promote scientific literacy among children. They’ve partnered with such organizations as NASA and the Kennedy Space Center, as well as corporations that rely on science for new...

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    To See the Light

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    Art for "To See The Light"

    : This story contains medical horror. Readers should be advised. An essay by Max Allaway, as provided by J. Harper Art provided by Luke Spooner A deep, groggy breath. I tried to open my eyes. All I saw was black. Had I not opened them? I tried to open my eyes as wide...

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    Strange Science: Gifted Children and Future Success

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    Illustration of a brain within a silhouette

    Johns Hopkins University began a study of gifted children in 1971. The study has continued since then, moving to Vanderbilt University in the interim. Through this long term study, the scientists involved have been able to track the trajectories of gifted children into successful adults. The study has found that early cognitive intelligence often...

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    Mad Scientist Journal Open to Submissions in December

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    Old lead type

    Our next submission period for Mad Scientist Journal will be the month of December. During that month, we’ll be looking for regular, first person flash fiction and short stories from the world of mad science, classified ads from the world of mad science, and quarterly exclusive flash fiction and short stories that would be...

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    On Kickstarter: Sorghum and Spear

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    Cover art for Sorghum & Spear

    We’re extremely excited about the Sorghum & Spear graphic novel that is currently on Kickstarter! It’s summarized as “an African fantasy saga about young girls called to serve their people in a time of war during their ages of innocence.” And while the Kickstarter is looking to fund a graphic novel, the team behind it...

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    What to read on Halloween

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    Jack o' Lanterns

    Some people have Halloween plans, but others might prefer staying home and reading some creepy stories. If you’re one of those people, you’ve come to the right place. (And if you aren’t one of those people, but know someone who is, point them over here!) We’re taking a quick jaunt in our time machine...

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    The Girl Who Killed Gods

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    Art for "The Girl Who Killed Gods"

    An essay by Dr. Thomas Ain, as provided by Matthew R. Davis Art provided by Errow Collins My friends, I have been called before you tonight in order that I might bring you something that has been sorely lacking in recent days, and that thing is … hope. Here, then, is a story we all...

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    Strange Science: Bees and Eclipses

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    Bumble bee

    The 2017 North American eclipse was a boon for more than just astronomers interested in studying the eclipse. For entomologists, they took the opportunity to study the behavior of bees during an eclipse, and learned something interesting: when the world went dark, the bees went still and quiet. Bees are diurnal, meaning that they...

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