• MSJ Final Submission Period in June

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    If you’ve always wanted to be published in Mad Scientist Journal, you’ll want to get your stories ready! Our final submission period will be June 2019, and we’ll be looking for first-person stories from the world of mad science, other stories of interest to mad scientists that will be published only in our upcoming quarterlies,...

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    Art for "Retirement Options"

    Fiction: Retirement Options

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    An excerpt from the journals of former Intergalactic Police (IGP) Agent Irene Magnus, as provided by Sam Crane Art by Luke Spooner “Cheers!” I clinked my round tumbler against the whiskey bottle with a little plink! and knocked back a third of what was in my glass. “Leave the bottle” had been the smartest...

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    Strange Science: Super-Chilled Helium and Universe Formation

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    Tube containing ultrapure helium, which glows a purple-pink color

    Researchers at Aalto University’s Low Temperature Laboratory have documented “walls bound by strings” in superfluid helium-3. Because helium remains a liquid even at absolute zero, and because it becomes a superfluid at other low temperatures, it has the potential to flow forever with zero viscosity. This allows the researchers to form “half-quantum vortices—whirlpools in...

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    Awesome Finds: NASA Space Photos

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    Infrared photograph of Messier 101 galaxy

    Did you know that you can find a wide variety of photographs of space thanks to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology? These include photographs like this one, which is an infrared view of the Messier 101 galaxy. But you can also find historic photos in the NASA Image Library...

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    Throwback to Other Linguistic Stories

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    Chinese characters embossed on metal

    We’ve published a few stories about linguistics and languages. If you enjoyed Monday’s story, check these out too! “Handling the Contents of Consciousness” by Soramimi Hanarejima (secrets, words, and beauty) “Introduction to the Epic of Centipidus” by Hamilton Perez (insect language) (available in Spring 2017 quarterly) “Linguapocalypse” by Michael Monaco (the end of language)...

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    Fiction: Ice Words, Fire Fonts, and Other Scripts Unwritten by Human Hands, An Introduction

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    Art for "Ice Words, Fire Fonts, and Other Scripts Unwritten by Human Hands, An Introduction"

    An essay by Dr. T. van E. Tengbergen, as provided by Tais Teng Art by Leigh Legler From the Institute for Nonsapient Linguistics: Fire fonts are most often discovered in burned roof beams: traceries in slightly shinier carbon. Messages range from: “She certainly looked beautiful, but she didn’t want to die alone” to “Never smoke...

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    Strange Science: What Should We Terraform First?

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    Artist's rendering of a potential terraformed Mars in stages

    Our story this Monday hypothesized the possibility of terraforming the moon, and how it might go awry. And there’s plenty of talk these days about terraforming Mars. But in this article, one author suggests that instead of looking toward Mars as a place to terraform, we should consider other options, including Earth’s own moon....

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    Awesome Finds: Honey Walls

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    We’re definitely intrigued by Honey Walls, an illustrated novel that’s currently funding on Kickstarter. With some tantalizing speculative fiction elements, this novel’s protagonist is a trans man, and the story “explores the difficulty of relating to a childhood that isn’t quite yours. In addition, it wrestles with themes anyone can relate to like grief, growing...

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    Fiction: Excerpts from “Mission Log”

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    Art for "Excerpts from Mission Log"

    An essay by Aleksandr Karamazov, as provided by Ashlyn Churchill Art by Errow Collins January 24 My name is no longer Aleksandr Karamazov. When this record is released, you will finally know that I am the man who brought you the possibility of colonization in previously dead space. But for now, I am nobody–officially...

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