• The Nothing in the Wall

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    An essay by Felix Glerke, as provided by Christopher Lynch Art by Luke Spooner Three things run in my family: genius, instability, and unmanageable hair. The ratio of each of these to each other varies, but all three are always there. I believe that had my father had more unmanageable hair, or a less...

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    Diary entries by Dr. Algernon P. Lewis, as provided by Samantha Lienhard Art by Katie Nyborg May 17: It doesn’t feel right to go on vacation. I mean, a day off here or there is fine, but nothing longer. But if it will make James stop bugging me, it’s worth it. “You’re overworked,” he said....

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    Young Adult Novel Kensei Now Available

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    Hi, it’s Jeremy here. I’m breaking one of my rules for the site. Normally I try not to use Mad Scientist Journal to promote my own stuff, but I’m making an exception. My young adult superhero novel, Kensei, is available for the first time as a stand alone book with a print edition. In...

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    Fictionvale Episode 5: Of Magic and Mayhem

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    Now available is Fictionvale Episode 5: Of Magic and Mayhem, which features no less than two mad scientists of repute: Jamie Lackey and Dawn Vogel. They join eight other awesome authors in a fun issue with faeries and dragons (among other things). You can buy it either at the Fictionvale website or at Amazon!

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    Autumn 2014 Now Available

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    Now available in a variety of ebook formats is Mad Scientist Journal: Autumn 2014! It features some great new stories not available on the site, advice from Dr. Synthia, Horrorscopes, and more! The cover art is courtesy of the lovely and talented Matt Youngmark, featuring Hercule Von Krumpf from Time Travel Dinosaur! You can...

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    Self-Help for Super Villains

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    An essay by Bill Masterson, as provided by Christopher Holmes Nixon Art by Scarlett O’Hairdye “Deep within man dwell those slumbering powers, powers that would astonish him, that he never dreamed of possessing, forces that would revolutionize his life if aroused and put into action.” –Orison Swett Martin Hello. My name is Bill Masterson. I...

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    Please Wait

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    An essay by Clifford Hahn, as provided by Robert Dawson Art by Katie Nyborg I could tell the dame was trouble as soon as she slithered into my office. A real Sherlock Holmes type might have deduced this by scientific observation of her blood-red stiletto-heeled shoes, in the context of the matching miniskirt, spaghetti-strap...

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    That Man Behind the Curtain: October 2014

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    It’s been a little quiet lately with submissions closed. Here are the numbers! The Money Aspect Amounts in parentheses are losses/expenses. Hosting: ($17.06) Stories: ($105) Art: ($232.73) Advertising: ($109.73) Payment Processing Fees: ($10.90) Printing: ($16.28) Donations: $51.00 Ad Revenue: $0.94 Book Sales: $61.73 Total: ($378.03) QTD: ($378.03) YTD: ($2,643.49) All Time: ($10,156.06) As per usual, I try to...

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    Weather is a Zero-sum Game

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    An essay by Sam Keegan, as provided by Judith Field Art by Shannon Legler I wheeled my new invention up the garden. It was a metal box about the size of a pillow, with an array of switches, instrument panels, and levers down one side. At the top was an axle attached to a...

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    The Long Toss

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    A diary entry by George Schier, as provided by Gary Cuba Art by Luke Spooner Hell of a way to lose, I thought, as I plowed my way through the detritus covering the parking lot. I headed toward my office in Newton Hall, the center for Physics and Mathematics studies at Manley University. The trash was the...

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    Triumphs of Mad Scientists

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    As Halloween approaches, we have news to share of our alumni! Darin M. Bush will be at CONjuration in Atlanta, GA, speaking on panels about a wide variety of SF/F topics. You can track him down on the convention’s schedule. David D. Levine has signed a three-book deal with Tor! The first novel in...

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