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    Strange Science: Reassessing Viking Burials

    by  • April 26, 2019 • Strange Science • 0 Comments

    Viking burial mounds in Gamla Uppsala

    A team of scientists has been reassessing Viking burials from the settlement of Birka in east-central Sweden, and in doing so, have determined that one of the Viking warriors buried there was a high-status female warrior. Thanks to osteology and genetic analysis, coupled with archaeological analysis of the grave goods, this team is reaching...

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    Mr. Merkel’s Mug

    by  • April 27, 2015 • Fiction • 0 Comments

    Mr. Merkel's Mug

    An essay by Jeff Phillips, as provided by Jarod K. Anderson Art by Luke Spooner Frank Merkel was the CEO, and his coffee mug wasn’t made of ceramic or metal or plastic. I could see the sutures where the bone plates had fused. It was definitely organic. Definitely human. Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty...

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