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Strange Concoctions of the Past

We’ve published few stories about alchemy at Mad Scientist Journal, but here are a few selections about mixtures and concoctions just outside of reality. “The Essence of Sprout” by Nick Morrish (an experiment on restoring lost senses) “Old Mother Shudders” by … Continue reading

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Fiction: On a Winter’s Night

An essay by Thomas Allen, as provided by Paul Crenshaw Art by Luke Spooner On the whole of a long January evening, with the snow howling outside the windows and the wind whistling up under the eaves, I had taken … Continue reading

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Strange Science: The Secrets of Alchemy

A chemist at Johns Hopkins University is working to decipher alchemical formulas to determine what secrets alchemists might have once known that have been lost to time. While alchemy may seem like pseudoscience to some, Lawrence Principe has set about … Continue reading

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