Review Policy

Co-editor Dawn Vogel writes the majority of Mad Scientist Journal‘s reviews. We prefer to review books that have at least a small element related to mad science (broadly defined), but we are open to speculative fiction books in general. We are willing to review books with explicit content, but are not interested in reviewing erotica or most romance novels. We are happy to review books from new authors and traditionally underrepresented authors.

At the present time, we are OPEN to queries for reviews. Please send a query describing your book, when it was published or will be published, by whom (press name or self-published), and any other relevant details to with information about your book.

If we are interested, we will ask for a review copy for consideration. Be prepared to send us an image of the book cover that is at least 800 pixels by 800 pixels.

Books reviewed on Mad Scientist Journal are sometimes given to us by the author or publisher for review consideration, and are noted as such when this is the case. Otherwise, books reviewed are often rewards from Kickstarters we have backed or books we have purchased.

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