• Sweet Sand Fleas

    by  • June 2, 2014 • 0 Comments

    An essay by C. R. Anderson, as provided by Steve Zisson Art by Leigh Legler “Get your hands off me,” that’s what I hear him say. So clearly now. “Please don’t pick me up. I don’t want to go back in the cold, suffocating water again. We’ve been there too long. Way too long. We weren’t...

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    An interview with Norman E. Farious

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    An interview with Norman E. Farious from Evil Science Quarterly: The Leader in Mad Science News and Trends, as provided by Arinn Dembo ESQ: Thank you for joining us! Yours is an illustrious name in Mad Science. And an illustrious set of initials! You are the son of Nigel Elmore Farious, are you not?...

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    One scientist’s struggle against federal cloning regulations: A case study

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    Dr. Jasmine A. Connell1,2 and Dr. Diana Rohlman3 1Department of Nephrology, Groom Lake Laboratories; 2Center for Ethical Cloning, Groom Lake Medical Center; 3Groom Lake Publishing Services, Groom Lake, Nevada, United States of America Corresponding author: Jasmine A. Connell, connellj@groomlakelab.edu Art by Scarlett O’Hairdye Jasmine A. Connell received her Bachelors of Science degree in 1975...

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    List of Stories for Anthology!

    by  • May 22, 2014 • 1 Comment

    We’ve gotten all the contracts back and paid all the authors, so we feel comfortable sending out a bit more information about what the book will include. Because we were more successful than planned, but didn’t hit a new stretch goal, we decided to roll that money into more content for the book. The...

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    The Last Unit

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    An essay by Jane Meadows, as provided by Judith Field Art by Justine McGreevy “Jane, that mad woman’s here again,” says Ben, my summer student pharmacist, looking out of the dispensary into the shop. “Keep your voice down!” I hiss, following his gaze. A woman in her mid-thirties stands by the counter. I think she must...

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    That Man Behind the Curtain: April 2014

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    Oh my goodness, what a month. Let’s look at some numbers. The Money Aspect Amounts in parentheses are losses/expenses. Hosting: ($17.06) Stories: ($110.00) Art: ($200.00) Advertising: ($39.99) Paypal Fees: ($0.15) Donations: $0.00 Ad Revenue: $1.48 Book Sales: $23.60 Total: ($342.12) QTD: ($342.12) YTD: $1,684.38 All Time: ($5,828.19) As per usual, I try to list costs for art and...

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    Audio Recording 5024

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    An essay by Dr. Todd Forest, as provided by Christine Layton. Salvaged from Seaforming Expedition (Program Terminated). Art by Leigh Legler “Do you think they ever travel?” I watched the mattress of the bunk above dip and shift as Donald rolled over onto his side. His round and florid face appeared over the edge...

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