• Strange Science: A Galaxy with Little Dark Matter

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    Galaxies typically comprise a mix of ordinary matter and so-called “invisible” dark matter. Dark matter makes up most of the universe, and though it can’t be seen, its impact on ordinary matter shows scientists that it is there. Recently, however, astronomers have identified a galaxy with almost no dark matter. The galaxy has been...

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    Review of Transmigrations by Eddie Louise

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    Cover art for Transmigrations

    Transmigrations (EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, 2018) is the debut novel by Eddie Louise and the first in the Tales of Sage and Savant series, inspired by the Sage and Savant podcast. The novel is based on the adventures of Doctor Petronella Sage and Erasmus Savant, who travel throughout time by jumping into...

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    What Goes Down Must Come Up

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    Art for "What Goes Down Must Come Up"

    An essay by Professor Caldwell Mook, as provided by Nick Morrish Art by Ariel Alian Wilson As Mithering Professor of General Negativity, I regularly receive requests to peer review outlandish scientific papers. I generally reject most of them out of hand as either beneath contempt, or simply too dull for words. However, one paper caught...

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    Strange Science: Genetics and Mental Development

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    Pair of teenage twins

    Scientists in the United States and Sweden recently completed a study of genetics and mental development, using twins and tracking eye movement. When young sets of twins were exposed to the same images, researchers tracking their eye movement found that identical twins tended to look at the images in the same way–focusing on the...

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    That Man Behind the Curtain: April 2018

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    Storybook Land Drinking Fountain

    April involved the extension of our submission period for Battling in All Her Finery. Backer surveys have continued to trickle in, and some revenue has come with it. Also we’ve seen an increase in our Patreon support. The Money Aspect Amounts in parentheses are losses/expenses. Web Resources: (-$76.06) Stories: (-$40.00) Art: (-$239.57) Advertising: (-$195.91)...

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    On Kickstarter: Comics and Graphic Novels

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    Cover art for The Gentleman #1

    There are two fantastic comics projects on Kickstarter right now that we thought our readers might be interested in. They’re both already funded, so at this point, you’d just be getting in on the sweet rewards (and possibly helping them reach some stretch goals). The first is for the first issue of The Gentleman, which...

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    Art for "Eclipsed"

    A memoir by S. Villar, as presented by Xariffa Suarez Art by A. Jones A great tragedy has occurred. Poor Solara Villar, media darling and pianist extraordinaire, lost her parents, her twin sister, and her home in a massive fire. In an interview recorded several days earlier, Solara, as beautiful as ever, clutching her...

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    Strange Science: Sensory Input

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    Ventriloquist dummy

    A good ventriloquist can make you believe that they are not the one doing the talking for their dummy. But the science behind why our brains believe that is a bit more complicated. Scientists long believed that different parts of the brain processed the sensory input from each of our five senses. But a...

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    Review of An Aberrant Mind by Ken MacGregor

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    Cover art for An Aberrant Mind

    An Aberrant Mind (Sirens Call Publications, 2014) is a collection of very short horror stories by author Ken MacGregor. This book collects 22 short stories, which range in length from just a couple of pages to more traditional short stories. Because some of the stories are so short, it means there isn’t always much...

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    Art for "Dummy"

    An essay by Curtis Hale, as provided by Nathan Crowder Art by Luke Spooner The detective paced the room, making a great show of looking over my arrest report, but it was the ventriloquist dummy in the rumpled blue suit that really held my attention. The detective barely spared me a glance when he...

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