• Strange Science: Wine on Mars

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    Vineyard with two rows of vines flanking a narrow path

    Georgian scientists are experimenting with new ways to grow grapevines, with an eye toward eventual vineyards on Mars. As plans solidify for manned expeditions to Mars, some believe that colonies might not be too far in the future, and a number of companies and countries are looking for ways to contribute. The country of...

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    Awesome Finds: My Kingdom for a Panel

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    Cover illustration for My Kingdom for a Panel

    If you’re a Shakespeare fan, you might be interested in My Kingdom for a Panel, a Shakespearean graphic novel anthology. Featuring 26 re-imagined and illustrated Shakespearean tales, this graphic novel anthology looks absolutely awesome. They’ve also got a couple of cute add-ons and opportunities to get original artwork from some of the illustrators as well....

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    Review of Gunsmoke and Dragonfire

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    Cover art for Gunsmoke and Dragonfire

    Gunsmoke and Dragonfire (Aradia Publishing, 2019) edited by Diane Morrison is an anthology of stories that mash up fantasy with westerns, resulting in a collection of 25 stories where the good guys don’t always ride white horses … but they might ride good dragons. Many of the stories in this anthology are reprints, including...

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    Music and Mad Science

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    Neon in the shape of a human face and musical notes

    Music and mad science aren’t things that always go together, but we’ve published a few stories over the years involving these two topics. “Cryptoid Sonics: An Investigation into the Uses of Cryptozoological Sounds” by Andy Brown (applications for the sounds made by cryptids) (available in MSJ Spring 2018) “The Nightingale of Atlantic City” by...

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    Fiction: Quietly Goes the Mix Tape

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    Art for "Quietly Goes the Mix Tape"

    An essay by Dr. Marie Randall, as provided by Willow Croft Art by Scarlett O’Hairdye The quiet is the worst. The silence that is not silence, broken up by jangling keys, someone screaming, the endless stomping of feet up and down the hall. There is no music here. I don’t care what certain avant-garde...

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    Throwback to Other Strange Things in the Ground

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    Jawbone of a large land-based mammal on a rocky beach

    While we haven’t published many stories dealing strictly with archaeology at Mad Scientist Journal, we have a few, along with several others detailing other oddities of this planet we call home, and a few a bit farther afield. “Within the Pulse of Darkness” by Lucas Leery (what can be found beneath the surface of the...

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    Awesome Finds: Science For the People

    by  • April 9, 2019 • 1 Comment

    Illustration of multiple people engaging in scientific study

    Science for the People is currently working on Kickstarting a magazine! They plan to use this magazine to continue a tradition of bringing radical science to the people, where they define “radical” as “examining the root of assumptions and power structures in all areas, so that our future need not be dictated by our...

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    Fiction: Terminus Post Quem

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    Art for "Terminus Post Quem"

    An essay by Daniel Benlainey, as provided by Steve Toase Art by Leigh Legler Daniel Benlainey BA MSc Project Manager Multivallate Archaeology Unit 4 Sunray Farm YK94 1SX D.Benlainey@multivallate.org.uk Simon Campbell BSc Senior Archaeologist Historic Environment Team Callshire County Council County Hall Ostbarnton YK56 4RF Dear Simon, Please find attached the interim site report...

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