• Review of To Another Abyss! by Zach Bartlett

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    Cover art for To Another Abyss!

    To Another Abyss! by Zach Bartlett (Spaceboy Books, 2018) is a delightful tale of eldritch otherworldly beings and college town art scenes, blended into a clever short novel. Greg Withers runs a small art gallery and artist grant, thanks to his generous parents. When most of the applications are pure rubbish, he offers the...

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    An Interview with L. Chan

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    A many armed figure

    Today, we’re chatting with L. Chan, one of our authors for Battling in All Her Finery! DV: Tell us a bit about yourself! L. Chan: I’m from Singapore, generally writing around the gamut of SFF, in fairly specific niches. Near future cyberpunk, contemperary fantasy, dark fantasy. This story is a bit of a departure from...

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    Within the Pulse of Darkness

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    Art for "Within The Pulse Of Darkness"

    An essay by Cassius Carter, as provided by Lucas Leery Art by Luke Spooner Dear Cass, I invite you to assist me on my next expedition. The site is in remote, northern land that I trust you will remember well. Your task will be simple: to record data thoroughly and accurately. I apologize, but I...

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    Strange Science: Superbug Yeast

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    Candida auris in a petri dish

    Scientists are currently faced with a yeast that is behaving like a bacteria, making it difficult to fight with the drugs currently available. Candida auris is a yeast and a fungus, but its behavior is atypical. Normally yeasts need warm, moist spaces to thrive. This particular yeast can thrive outside of the body, on skin...

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    Battling in All Her Finery Nearing Completion

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    Battling in All Her Finery

    We at Mad Scientist Journal have been working hard to put together Battling in All Her Finery, and we’re pleased to say that we’re getting very close! We’ve still got some work to do, but it’s nice to see the lion’s share of that work behind us, and look forward to having books ready to send...

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    On Kickstarter: Heartwood

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    One of the current projects on Kickstarter we’re digging is Heartwood, an anthology of fantasy comics by non-binary creators. Everything about this comic anthology looks gorgeous thus far, and we’re sure it’s only going to get more amazing as it moves into the final stages of production! We’ve backed a few of these comic anthologies...

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    An Interview with Nathan Crowder

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    Blue lightning in the desert

    Author Nathan Crowder is an MSJ alum, who has had stories included in previous anthologies and the magazine. Now he’s back for Battling in All Her Finery with “Swing That Axe,” which we’re talking to him about today. DV: Tell us a bit about yourself! Nathan Crowder: Despite a few decades living in the Seattle area,...

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    Gray Eye Shuffle

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    Art for "Gray Eye Shuffle"

    An essay by Othello Maxwell, as provided by Brandon Nolta Art by Leigh Legler She looked like the kind of woman for whom doors opened. Tall, hair so black it absorbed the light, her body a pillar of muscle, she strode with confidence through the late-afternoon commuter crowd, someone used to being unimpeded. I watched her...

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    Strange Science: Massive Black Sarcophagus Found

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    Recently unearthed black granite sarcophagus

    Archaeologists in Alexandria, Egypt, recently located a massive black granite sarcophagus likely from the Ptolemaic period (roughly 2,000 years ago). The sarcophagus was uncovered while preparing a site for a new building, but now researchers are faced with several problems. The sarcophagus is massive, “at 185 cm (72.8 inches) tall, 265 cm (104.3 inches) long,...

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    An Interview with Aimee Kuzenski

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    Author photo of Aimee Kuzenski

    Here’s an interview with Aimee Kuzenski, another of our Battling in All Her Finery authors! DV: Tell us a bit about yourself! Aimee Kuzenski: I have silver in my hair, a theater degree, and a hairless cat. I was once an engineer, and I spend a lot of time practicing eskrima, a Filipino martial art....

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