• Crackpot: An Advance in Mellow Weapons

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    Art for "Crackpot An Advance in Mellow Weapons"

    An essay by Win Chester Brought to our attention by E. B. Fischadler Art by Ariel Alian Wilson Recently, the U.S. Army responded to environmentalist concerns about pollution from toxic components of practice ordinance by issuing a request for biodegradable ammunition.  They are seeking non-toxic replacements for gunpowder and warhead components. More amazing...

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    Strange Science: Reactions to Extraterrestrial Life

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    Knots in a tree that resemble an alien's head

    How would humanity react if extraterrestrials landed on Earth tomorrow? According to psychologists at Arizona State University, we’d likely react well! Through examinations of human reactions to what could be fossilized Martian microbes, the possibility of an artificially constructed astral body, and inhabitable exoplanets in nearby star systems, the psychologists involved with the study...

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    Review of The Bathwater Conspiracy by Janet Kellough

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    Cover art for The Bathwater Conspiracy

    What would the world look like without men? Janet Kellough’s latest book, The Bathwater Conspiracy (EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, 2017), explores that question in the context of a speculative fiction mystery. Set at some indefinite point in the future, men have been eradicated as a result of a virus. There are still...

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    Now Available! Mad Scientist Journal: Spring 2018

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    Cover Art for Mad Scientist Journal: Spring 2018

    Cooking advice, previously undiscovered species, and tortured artists. These are but some of the strange tales to be found in this book. Mad Scientist Journal: Spring 2018 collects thirteen tales from the fictional worlds of mad science. For the discerning mad scientist reader, there are also pieces of fiction from Mandi Jourdan, Michael McGlade,...

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    A Sunny Day on the Ziggurat

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    Art for "A Sunny Day On The Ziggurat"

    An essay by Elize Pentra, as provided by Joachim Heijndermans Art by Luke Spooner Day 5 – Gyunsoth – Olli/Ka/1678 Hey. It’s me. I’m writing to you in this journal I found on the ship. I missed talking to you, so I figured this was the next best thing. Not much point to it,...

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    Strange Science: Tardigrades

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    Tardigrades, aka water bears or moss piglets, have experienced a recent upsurge in popularity. They’re tiny little critters (only about 0.5 millimeters, or 0.02 inches), and scientists have known about them since the eighteenth century. But despite scientists studying them for hundreds of years, there’s plenty we are still learning about tardigrades. For example,...

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    Interview with Scott Gable of Broken Eye Books

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    Cover art for Welcome to Miskatonic University

    Broken Eye Books is currently running a Kickstarter for Welcome to Miskatonic University, which we mentioned last week as part of our alumni news post, and today we’re talking with Scott Gable about the anthology and more! Dawn Vogel: Tell us a little about Broken Eye Books and what you do. Scott Gable: I...

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    Strange Science: The Machinations of Dolphins

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    It’s well known that dolphins are quite intelligent, but did you know that they have been known to show forethought, an understanding of delayed gratification, and even planning? In 1993, a dolphin at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Mississippi named Kelly learned that bringing litter to her keepers would earn her fish....

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