More Quantum Physics

If you enjoyed Monday’s story on quantum physics, here are a few more from our back issues that you might also like!

“Product Review: Chronochill” by Franko Stephens (the problems of a multi-dimensional refrigerator) (available in MSJ Winter 2019)

“The Salvaged Soul” by Tom Lund (portals between worlds) (available in MSJ Summer 2018)

“The Window Cleaner” by Kaitlin Moore (a different sort of portal between worlds) (available in MSJ Summer 2017)

“An Introduction to Emotional Scarcity in an Induced Multiperson Organism” by A. Hollins (the problems of cloning technology) (available in MSJ Spring 2016)

“A Thread Finer than Hope” by Jack N. Waddell (quantum events) (available in MSJ Summer 2012)

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