More Ornithology and Some Cryptozoology

If you enjoyed this week’s story about unusual birds, you might also enjoy these stories!

“Cryptoid Sonics: An Investigation into the Use of Cryptozoological Sounds” by Andy Brown (considerations of cryptids for military and other applications) (available in MSJ Spring 2018)

“The Wing Collector” by H. Pueyo (an unusual species of bird and the person who collects them) (available in MSJ Winter 2018)

“Excerpts from the Diary of Theodore Miro” by Zach Bartlett (hunting and cooking the chicken-legged hut of Baba Yaga) (available in MSJ Winter 2018)

“The Observer’s Paradox” by Judith Field (an unusual species of bird and the woman he protects) (available in MSJ Autumn 2017)

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