That Man Behind the Curtain – September 2019

Cats hiding behind a futon.

Feline interns hiding from the dreaded vacuum cleaner, with boxes of books visible.

In September we launched our next-to-last quarterly, sent out copies to patrons and contributors, and finished up I Didn’t Break the Lamp.

The Money Aspect

Amounts in parentheses are losses/expenses.

Web Resources: (-$17.06)
Stories: (-$90.00)
Art: (-$409.87)
Advertising: (-$188.22)
Processing Fees: (-$18.39)
Printing: (-$203.48)
Donations: $183.06
Online Book Sales: $19.94

Total: (-$724.02)
QTD: (-$4,911.28)
YTD: (-$5,572.09)
All Time: (-$41,755.66)

As usual, I try to list costs for art and stories under the month that the stories run on the site rather than when I pay them. (This does not apply to special content for quarterlies, which does not have a specific month associated with it.) Sales are for sales when they take place, not when they’re actually paid out to me. Online book sales reflect the royalties given after the retailer takes their cut. Physical book sales represent gross income, not counting the cost of the physical book. Donations include Patreon, as well as other money sent to us outside of standard sales.

The big expenses for this month were cover art for the quarterly and shipping books to patrons and contributors.


We are closed to submissions. Our final all time acceptance rate is 33.54%.


Below is the social media following we had at the end of September.

Patreon: 33 (+1)

Facebook: 2,213 (+12)

Twitter: 694 (+2)

Tumblr: 352 (-1)

Mailing List: 285 (+5)

Instagram: 219 (+0)

Follow us online:
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