Review of Triangulation: Dark Skies

Triangulation: Dark Skies, edited by Diane Turnshek and Chloe Nightingale (Parsek Ink, 2019), is an anthology of stories about people longing to see the night skies. Whether the stars are missing due to light pollution or something else, the stories all explore the theme of the dark sky.

Blake Jessop’s “Meirythro Brevis” is an excellent tightly crafted story of one woman’s desire to see the stars, and the length to which she would go to make that happen. “Betting on Starlight” by Isaac E. Payne features a neat blend of poker and mythology that worked brilliantly. Other stories were bittersweet and lovely, like Kate Ruegger’s modern take on Peter Pan, “The Second Star is Missing,” or Estelle Rodgers’ “Reaching Out.” There are plenty of creepy stories in this anthology as well. Jamie Lackey’s “Eleven Tips for Hikers Wishing to Enjoy Moonblossom Trail, Presented by the Antrean Department of Commerce & Tourism” is a supremely charming story, but it also has a layer of menace beneath the charm that reminded me a lot of Welcome to Nightvale. Josh Rountree also has one of the spookier tales in the anthology in “Rattlesnake Song,” a cosmic Mythos-like tale set in a small Texas town, with every bit of the wanting and needing to get away apparent in the prose.

With twenty-one stories included in this anthology, most readers are sure to find some that resonate with them like these six stories did with me. There’s a mix of science fiction, horror, and fantasy stories, so there are options for many readers to enjoy. Triangulation: Dark Skies is available in ebook and print formats.

We were provided with a copy of this anthology in exchange for review consideration.

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