Awesome Finds: Weaponized Cats

Illustration of a cat being launched from a catapultOur feline interns (a.k.a. feline overlords) would like for us to tell you about this awesome find of a Kickstarter for the Weaponized Cats comic book. While our feline interns find themselves well-equipped with built-in weapons, they know that not all cats are so equipped, and that some cats need outside assistance.

More seriously, this Kickstarter is set up for the creator to launch a comic series about cats who help cats in need. And if it funds and the series is launched, he plans to use some of the income from the series to help out cat rescues and specific cats in need. So if you like cats, scientific ingenuity, and comic books, check out Weaponized Cats. The Kickstarter runs through July 27.

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