Strange Science: Wildlife-Train Collisions

Trains near overgrown tracksMany animals are killed each year due to being struck by trains or otherwise having their habitat affected by the presence of trains. Little research has been done on how many animals and how to prevent this. But scientists are now taking a closer look at both the numbers and how to reduce those numbers.

Some of the options for reducing wildlife-train collisions include environmental modifications that give the animals a safe way to get across the train tracks–whether that is under the tracks, for turtles, or over the tracks, for deer. Other options include warning systems to keep animals away from the tracks in the first place–especially in areas where the presence of train tracks has created an environment that encourages the animals to hunt or forage in the vicinity of the tracks.

While no one solution will work in all circumstances, there is increasing work being done on the topic. You can learn more here.

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