Mad Scientist Journal at Norwescon

Norwescon advertisement featuring illustration of a raven or crow with a feather in its mouthWhile Mad Scientist Journal and DefCon One Publishing will not have a formal presence at Norwescon 42, in the dealer’s room or author’s row, we will be at the convention! We’re taking the year off from selling our books, but if you’re really chomping at the bit to get a copy of one of our books directly from us, please feel free to contact us! We’d be happy to meet our fans and hand off a book in person!

In keeping with our lower key involvement at the convention this year, we’re not on panels either. However, co-editor Dawn Vogel and editorial assistant Amanda Cherry will both be reading during the Broad Universe reading on Saturday, April 20, from 8-10 p.m. in Cascade 9. Along with eight other female authors, they’ll be reading snippets of their work. The Broad Universe reading also features giveaways of books and chocolate, plus you may get to find a new favorite author! If you’re looking for the MSJ crew, we’ll all be at this one event, so we’re easy to find!

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