A New Novel from an MSJ Alum

Cover art for Snipe HuntNick Nafpliotis, one of our Mad Scientist Journal alumni, is currently taking pre-orders via Inkshares for his novel, Snipe Hunt. (Inkshares is a publishing company that allows authors to crowdfund their books, with both similarities and differences to sites like Kickstarter.)

The blurb for Snipe Hunt sounds like an interesting premise:

The plan? Convince some gullible classmates that a strange creature lives in the forest. Take a hike into the woods to look for it. Then film the shenanigans, leave the victims alone in the dark, and return home. That’s all Michael and his friends wanted to do. Now they’re running for their lives, pursued by the spawn of the the Old Gods set loose upon the earth.

Snipe Hunt is the first in a trilogy, drawing its inspiration from horror and military fiction, as well as the author’s life as a middle school band teacher. You can check out a few sample chapters at Inkshares.

The campaign to fund Snipe Hunt runs into January, but we’re hoping that this book will reach its pre-order goal before then!

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