On Kickstarter: Sorghum and Spear

Cover art for Sorghum & SpearWe’re extremely excited about the Sorghum & Spear graphic novel that is currently on Kickstarter! It’s summarized as “an African fantasy saga about young girls called to serve their people in a time of war during their ages of innocence.” And while the Kickstarter is looking to fund a graphic novel, the team behind it has even bigger plans!

Nichelle Nichols, of Star Trek fame, is the executive producer for this graphic novel. And if the Kickstarter is successful, it will lead to an animated series, on which Nichelle Nichols will provide one of the voices. In addition to Nichelle Nichols, the project has a number of featured and special guest artists of color!

The Kickstarter is already off to a good start, but if this project seems like something you’d like to be a part of, you can pledge your support by November 23rd!

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