Strange Science: Robots Helping Plants

Robot towering over hedgesIt’s hard to count how many plants we at Mad Scientist Journal may have killed over the years. The most recent (and epic) was the air plant that died under our care. It’s an air plant. All it needed was water. And we failed it.

Fortunately for us, there’s a chance!┬áChinese roboticist and entrepreneur Sun Tianqi has developed a robot with a succulent on its back. The robot can take the plant into sunlight or shade, depending on the plant’s light needs, and it does a stompy dance when the plant needs water!

Granted, we think our feline interns would see this robot as a toy for them, but the robot knows how to play (in its own peculiar way) as well.

If you want to see this adorably cute and really innovative robot that helps plants, check it out!

(And, of course, we, for one, welcome our new plant-helping robot overlords.)

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