Review of Paper Girls Volume 1

Cover art for Paper Girls Vol. 1It’s summertime and the graphic novel stack is threatening to overtake the hallway, so we’ll be talking about some of the graphic novels we’ve accumulated that we think you might enjoy!

Paper Girls Volume 1 (Image Comics, 2016) starts out with young girls doing their early morning paper route through their neighborhood and gets weird fast. There are possibly alien life forms and technology, time travel, and substantial peril for the protagonists. It’s set in 1988, and there are all sorts of great visual nods to the late 80s.

I really loved this book both because of the weird stuff going on and also because I was about the same age as the protagonists in 1988. So even though I wasn’t a paper girl, and even though I didn’t have such weirdness in my life, a lot of it felt nostalgic for me, from the normal things they were dealing with to the fashion and hairstyles. Oh, those bangs!

Paper Girls is written by Brian K. Vaughn, also known for Y: The Last Man and SAGA, and this volume is illustrated by Cliff Chiang (known for his work on Wonder Woman), Jared K. Fletcher, and Matthew Wilson. Because of the weirdness, I suspect that this is the sort of series that is best read all at once, rather than waiting for the next issue/graphic novel to appear. There are four graphic novels out to date, each one collecting five of the comics. It looks like there will be more in the future, too, and I’m looking forward to reading the whole series!


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