Strange Science: Reactions to Extraterrestrial Life

Knots in a tree that resemble an alien's headHow would humanity react if extraterrestrials landed on Earth tomorrow? According to psychologists at Arizona State University, we’d likely react well!

Through examinations of human reactions to what could be fossilized Martian microbes, the possibility of an artificially constructed astral body, and inhabitable exoplanets in nearby star systems, the psychologists involved with the study found more positive than negative reactions among those asked to comment on the topics, and even in the news coverage of these discoveries.

In addition, they asked participants in another study to read articles either about the discovery of extraterrestrial life or the creation of life in a lab, and found that subjects were generally more excited by the former.

You can read more about the psychologists’ presentation at the recent meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), or if you prefer to get more information on their study, you can read one of the articles they’ve written on the subject.


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