• Strange Science: Feathered Dinosaurs

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    Artist's rendering of a velociraptorPaleontologists have learned a considerable amount about dinosaurs in recent years, allowing them to rename or reclassify some dinosaurs. They’ve also learned a lot about what dinosaurs really looked like, based on fossil evidence.

    The latest discovery is a feathered dinosaur tail trapped in amber. The dinosaur itself was only about the size of a sparrow, but the structure of the tail shows that it was a dinosaur, not a bird.

    Since only the dinosaur’s tail was preserved in this amber fragment, paleontologists can’t be sure if the rest of the dinosaur’s body was also feathered, nor whether it was a flying or gliding creature. Still, the information they’ve gained from this lucky discovery gives them a new avenue for investigation!

    You can read more about this feathered dinosaur tail here!

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