Review of The Adventure of the Incognita Countess by Cynthia Ward

Cover art for The Adventure of the Incognita CountessThe Adventure of the Incognita Countess by Cynthia Ward (Aqueduct Press, 2017) is a brilliant epistolary short novel featuring Lucy Harker, the daughter of Mina (Murray) Harker and Count Dracula. With a cast of characters drawn from all over Victorian-era literature, coupled with the maiden voyage of the HMS Titanic, the story is both familiar and innovative. Puzzling out just who some of the characters actually are is just one of the many perks of this story.

Lucy Harker works for her stepfather, M (later revealed to be Mycroft Holmes), and the British Secret Service. Her assignment on board the Titanic is to safeguard an American and the secret plans he carries from German interception. But when she discovers a vampire on board the ship, she finds herself distracted by the beautiful undead woman.

What follows is a journey with all sorts of twists and turns, culminating in the (no real spoiler here) sinking of the Titanic. The aftermath of this disaster for Lucy Harker and Countess Karnstein was a pleasant surprise, which I won’t spoil for you.

If you’re a fan of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (either the movie or the graphic novel on which it was based), you’re likely to find The Adventure of the Incognita Countess a delightful and quick read.

The author provided us with a free copy of this novel in exchange for review consideration.

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