Strange Science: Unidentified Gelatinous Spheres

Large gelatinous sphere off the west coast of Norway

Photo: Erling

Divers and scientists are baffled by the appearance of large gelatinous spheres, up to a meter across, that have appeared in the ocean off the west coast of Norway, among other locations. Spotted in cold, northern locales and off the coast of Turkey, some have speculated that these could be eggs laid by giant squid of the genus Architeuthis. But giant squid rarely come near to shorelines, so it seems unlikely that they have begun coming nearer to land in order to lay their giant eggs.

Few divers have gotten photographs of this phenomenon, and no one has yet obtained a sample from one of these spheres. Scientists are hopeful that someone will obtain a sample soon, because at that point, they will be able to identify what these spheres are.

So if you happen to be diving off the coast of Norway in the near future, keep on the lookout for these unidentified gelatinous spheres. If you do get a sample, it should be placed in a plastic bag and frozen until you can get it to a scientist. But if you can’t get a sample, scientists will be happy to collect whatever data you have. To find out more about what they would like to know, check out this article!

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