Adventures of Mad Scientists!

Cover for 2017 Young Explorer's Adventure GuideSeveral of our MSJ alums have recently produced a variety of new works. Today, we’re rounding them all up!

Frequent MSJ contributor Maureen Bowden was the guest editor for the November 2016 issue of Liquid Imagination. You can read an interview with her about that role here.

Readers of our quarterly classified ads may recognize the names Scott & Loria Chaddon as regular contributors to that section. Now, you can play a card game that they’ve co-written: Bad Bears: The Game.

Finally, co-editor Dawn Vogel, along with MSJ alums Deborah Walker and Jeannie Warner, have stories in the 2017 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide, which came out in December 2016. This book is great place for your budding middle grade mad scientists to begin!

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