Table o’ Contents for Fitting In!

Fitting In KickstarterOver the last few days we’ve sent out contracts for every story we’ve accepted for our upcoming anthology, Fitting In: Historical Accounts of Paranormal Subcultures. Now that we have them all back, we feel comfortable sharing the TOC with you. The following list is in alphabetical order by last name. The final order in the anthology will be determined as we get closer to laying out the book.

  • “An Absolute Amount of Sadness” – Ali Abbas
  • “Getting Lost in Milan” – Marina Belli
  • “To Come and Go” – Jimmy Bernard
  • “The Hidden History of Seneca Lee” – Elisa A. Bonnin
  • “When the Tide Turns” – Maureen Bowden
  • “Playing the Good Girl” – Darin Bush
  • “Elizabeth Frank’s Decaying Orbit” – Garrett Croker
  • “Righteous Anger” – Cindy Gunnin
  • “Nobody Was Here” – Jordan Davies
  • “A Vampire in the Garden” – Laura Duerr
  • “The Children of Echidna” – Amelia Fisher
  • “Testing the Water” – Sean Frost
  • Animale, Piece by Piece” – Mathew Allan Garcia
  • “Lead and Follow” – Rhiannon Held
  • “The Outsider” – Valjeanne Jeffers
  • “Home by Halloween” – Michael Jones
  • “Someone’s Checking You Out Right Now!” – S. Qiouyi Lu
  • “Snake Dance” – John McColley
  • “Cataclysm Child” – Ville Meriläinen
  • “A Time for Quiet” – Timothy Nakayama
  • “Who’s a Girl Got to Drown to Get a Drink Around Here?” – Adam Petrash
  • “Old Country Wolf” – Jennifer R. Povey
  • “Hellspawn Seeking Female” – Darren Ridgley
  • “The Face on the Wall, and the Chainsaw” – Erin Sneath
  • “The Woman from Kisthene” – J. C. Stearns
  • “A Good Head on His Shoulders” – Stuart Webb
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