A Preview of Our Next Kickstarter!

We’re going to be doing another Kickstarter in February, and this is it:

Selfies Art plus text

This year, we are bringing you tales from the end times in Selfies from the End of the World: Historical Accounts of the Apocalypse. Survivors of zombie plagues, nuclear holocausts, the Rapture, or the inevitable death of the universe will share their tales of their experiences. Or, at least, several authors will write stories from the point of view of these people.

We won’t know the exact contents until we open up our call for submissions, but the sort of stories we have in mind might include:

  • A report from an angel harvesting the faithful at the Rapture and running into trouble.
  • A man trying to apologize to his boyfriend in the brief span of time available before the bombs hit.
    Zombie outbreaks in the heart of Tokyo.
  • The narrative of a survivor of a breach in space and time, recounting her life in the a shattered world where time is meaningless.
  • A war reporter on the front lines of Ragnarok.

This will be the second book of this type that we have done. Last year we Kickstarted That Ain’t Right, a book of stories from the world of Lovecraft’s Miskatonic Valley. How did it go? Readers seem to have enjoyed it so far.

  • “Every single story in this collection is wonderfully creepy and totally engaging.”
  • “I enjoyed it from cover to cover, and would recommend it to my friends.”
  • “Consistently superior writing coupled with outstanding editing. A worthy introduction to many new talented mythos writers.”
  • “I enjoyed every one of the tales in this book both as stories and as tributes to Lovecraft.”

We can’t pay our contributors what they’re worth, without you. That Ain’t Right turned out to be a great anthology, and we hope you’ll help this one hit that mark too.

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