Our Final Featured Author!

We’ve only got four days left of the Kickstarter. It would be nice to cross the $5,000 mark, but that would require us to pull in over $300 a day in this last hoorah. Kicktraq doesn’t think it’s possible, estimating our best possible would just be $4,500. Perhaps we can prove it wrong? Either way, it’s been an honor to make it this far.

But enough about me, let’s talk about Erik Scott de Bie.

“What I’d taken for framed art of landscapes were in fact exquisite if strange abstract pieces depicting doorways of many different shapes and sizes. All of them were done in the same hand, with the initials ‘E.O.’ at the bottom. One in particular caught my eye: a round, black gateway with what looked like green slime that ran from its top down the middle. I reached out my fingers to touch it, then saw something else: a sculpture of some kind, about the size of a gallon jug, sitting on the counter. It had to be an abstract piece, but I thought I could see limbs and fins in its strange curves and folds. The dryer beat out a recurring rhythm. My mind stretched . . .”
— “Dr. Circe and the Shadow over Swedish Innsmouth” by Erik Scott de Bie

Erik is perhaps best known for his stories set in the Forgotten Realms, especially his Shadowbane series. But he has three new novels coming out this year! Shadow of the Winter King, the first in his dark metal epic fantasy World of Ruin series, comes out in April. May will bring us Scourge of the Realm, a fantasy novel that explores what happens after the Hero beats the Villain. And then he has a stand-alone space opera set in the Traveler universe titled Priority: Hyperion.

His contribution to our anthology brings back Dr. Circe, who first appeared in the story “Dr. Circe and the Separatist Man Cheetahs,” published in Growing Dread: Biopunk Visions. She’s a fierce scientist in an alternate history less pretty than our own. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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