Day 4 of Our Lovecraftian Kickstarter

Hello! Thanks to significant support from friends and fans, we’ve almost crossed our initial goal and we still have more than three weeks left to raise funds. I’ll try not to spam you guys too much over the rest of this period. I hate it when I get overwhelmed with messages from Kickstarters, so I’m not keen on inflicting that on all of you.

With the goal in sight, I figured I’d shift your attention to our $3,000 stretch goal, featuring contributor Sanford Allen.

“Halfway down the Salamander Drake‘s landing ladder, the reek of Earth air hit me in a way it hadn’t in years. The sweet, nauseating odor of something long dead and recently unearthed lurked just below the chemical burn of the smog…. The remains of Arkham, Massachusetts looked plenty grim from our landing site. Leaning streetlights canopied the road into town like the protruding ribs of a decaying beast. High, rotten awnings of once-stately homes jutted through the smog like skeletal fingers tearing open a funeral shroud.”
Excerpt from “Come Down, Ma Evenin’ Star” by Sanford Allen

Sanford has alternately been a journalist, college instructor, and touring musician. That is, when he’s not spinning macabre tales. When we sent out requests to our invited authors, we told them that stories did not need to be period pieces. Future history was fine. Sanford was the first contributor to take us up on that offer with his creepy tale, “Come Down, Ma Evenin’ Star.”

His first book, Deadly Passage, came out recently as part of a two-in-one DoubleDown from JournalStone Publishing. And his band, Hogbitch, has their debut album coming out.

If we hit the $3,000 mark, we will add new reward tiers featuring copies of Sanford’s book and digital download cards of their album. Those who select those reward tiers will help directly support Sanford’s writing and/or music. Let’s see if we get there!

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