A Special Call for Our Special Call for Submissions

It is time once again for our special call for submissions to fill out our quarterly collections. Because November is crazy with conventions and National Novel Writing Month, we will not be doing a call that month. If you have something you want to try and submit, this will be your last chance before February.

What are we looking for?

  • Flash and Short Fiction: This will be for the “fiction” section of our quarterly magazine. We have a bias towards speculative fiction, but will consider non-speculative pieces. Heck, it doesn’t even need to have mad scientists. We’re hoping to accept 6-8 pieces to be spread out between two quarterly anthologies.
  • Fictional Classified Ads: We are again looking for people to submit classified ads appropriate to a mad scientist journal.
  • Questions for Advice Column: We will again have our advice column and would love for people to submit mad scientist advice questions.

Please pop over to our Submissions page for details about how to submit things and what we pay.

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