Mad Scientists in the Wild

Mad scientists never slow down, so here are some newsly items regarding other accomplishments of our misunderstood geniuses.

First up is a correction of an earlier gaff of mine. Gary Cuba‘s “The Fine Point“, which is also available in the new Autumn 2012 collection, has an audio version! I had offered to post a link to the audio version when I published the story. But since it was one of the stories we posted for November, I missed it in the pile of stories I was trying to get done before National Novel Writing Month started. So if you’re interested, hop over to Drabblecast for this fine tale!

Eleanor Leonne Bennett, who provides some of the stunning photographs we use with our stories, recently won the award for the Over 16 category in the National Trust’s photo competition. If you just want to see the photo without reading the article, you can see a big version of the photo here. She also had a mention in this article on Salt Lake City’s ABC4 website.

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