That Man Behind the Curtain: September 2012

With a story on the first and a new collection to launch as well, I figured I’d wait until today to give the numbers behind the magic.

The Money Aspect

Amounts in parentheses are losses/expenses.

Hosting: ($17.06)
Stories: ($105.00)
Art: ($240.00)
Advertising: ($0.00)
Paypal Fees: ($9.29)
Donations: $00
Ad Revnue: $0.27
Books Sales: $4.42
Total: ($366.93)
QTD: ($1249.93)
YTD: ($2,230.13)
All Time: ($2,335.88)

As per usual, I try to list costs for art and stories under the month that the stories run on the site. September also had payment for art and design work for the collection. Because I wanted a strong push for this month, I didn’t spend any money on advertising in August. Book sales were worse in September than August, for all that the difference of two sales matter.

In theory, the end of the quarter would mark the time of paying out royalties to authors. But so far none of the royalty shares surpass the advances paid out.


During the last days of our submission period, we received 5 more submissions for the collection. All 5 were accepted. We also received 15 submissions, of which we accepted 9 and are still reviewing 1. So our regular submissions had a 60% acceptance, which might pop up to 67% if we accept the last story. When you include the classified ads, that’s 70% with a chance of hitting 75%.

All told we’ve had 99 submissions and 63 acceptances, which comes out to about 63.6% acceptance rate.


September had a total of 1,057 visits, a big drop from last month. We didn’t advertise nearly as much, so that was reflected in our traffic and our ad revenue. (For all that 27 cents in ad revenue is worth noting). This consisted of 810 unique visitors and 1,859 page views. It’s still an overall improvement from the month before last. Our highest daily traffic was 111.

Facebook, Stumbleupon, and continue to be our big sources of traffic. Google+ finally put in a showing as well. Cross posting to there is annoying, so I’m happy to see something come of it.

September’s “Search of the Month” is “i stole a tied up dog”.

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