The Dissection of Marcus Wade

An essay by Abigail Figg, presented by Kathryn Board
Illustration by Katie Nyborg.

“Abigail, I think I just caught a ghost!”

Only one person on Earth would call me at five o’clock in the morning. And that one person was certifiably insane–in a mother earth, psychic medium, chakra-opening kind of way. She also happened to be my little sister and knew I didn’t sleep more than four hours on any given night.

“Alright, Lex, I’ll bite,” I said. “What do you mean you caught a ghost?  You mean you caught a picture of a ghost?”

“No. I mean I have a ghost trapped in a pickle jar. You have to come over.”

The Dissection of Marcus Wade

Inside the pickle jar was…something. I crossed the room to get a closer look.

To read the rest of this story, check out the Mad Scientist Journal: Spring 2012 collection.

Abigail Figg holds a physics with a specialty in optics. She teaches at The Scientific Institute in Alawachee, Florida and has recently published a paper titled, “The optics of the afterlife” in The Metaphysical Times. In her spare time, she studies cosmology and has recently taken up herbalism.

Kathryn Board has published short fiction with the speculative fiction anthology Triangulation: Dark Glass. She has also recently had writing accepted to Electric Spec and Kazka press. During the day, she works as a lab safety specialist; at night she writes works of odd fiction. It’s a left brain/right brain mess.

Katie Nyborg’s art, plus information regarding hiring her, can be found at

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