Mad Scientist Journal is Now on Duotrope

Part of the interesting aspect of trying to get this e-zine started has been the behind-the-scenes things you don’t learn about from the writer side of things. I submitted Mad Scientist Journal to Duotrope and learned a lot about the process. I had thought that you perhaps had an account and maintained all the information about your publication. But this is not so!

You submit your site to Duotrope for review and they come and cull information from your site. Which can be awkward when you find that you’ve missed some detail on your submission guidelines. Plus, they come by to check your site once a month to make sure everything is current.

And this is all free! I don’t pay anything to have Mad Scientist Journal listed on Duotrope. Writers don’t pay to access the list of publishers. The entire thing is run off of donations only and less than 2% of people who use the site donate to support it. If you can afford it, I encourage you to pay it forward and  donate to help Duotrope stay afloat. This is an invaluable resource for writers and you can help keep it free for the rest of the

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