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Fiction: Classroom Experiment

Transcription of an accidental recording made by a home assistant device and sent to the email address of Dr. Marguerite Van Neelsing, a leading ethicist in the field of psychology.[1] Dr. Van Neelsing and Dr. Cecilia Kennedy, a language expert, … Continue reading

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Strange Science: Unusual Food Pairings

Why do food pairings like pork and vanilla or beef and chocolate work? The answer lies within flavor perception and biochemical networks. Food is made up of chemical compounds, and sometimes, two foods that you might think of as very … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Rabbits

An essay by Rosie Fields, as provided by Sylvia Heike Art by Leigh Legler Day 1: Monday 9th April, 2018 My biochemistry professor, Mr Adams, has left me in charge of the lab during the Easter holiday. My job is to care … Continue reading

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Sins and Dust

An essay by the Confessor, as provided by James Fadeley Art by Luke Spooner I write these words with total shame, for herein lies the confessions of an arrogant fool. For forty years, I have served the church as a … Continue reading

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