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Teaching Kids about Anthropology

Anthropology is not a subject many kids get a lot of direct exposure to, though they may learn about it indirectly through other subjects. However, if you’ve got a kid interested in anthropology, the American Museum of  Natural History has … Continue reading

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More Mad Anthropology

If you enjoyed Monday’s story, here are some more stories about mad anthropology! “The Origin of Stenches” by Isaac Teile (goblin anthropology) (available in MSJ Autumn 2017) “A Brief History of the Human Colonization of Mars” by H. E. Bergeron … Continue reading

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Fiction: On the Care and Training of Human Staff

An essay by The Mysterious Rumble Purr, as provided by Princess Rain E. Day Art by Luke Spooner The training and development of human staff can be one of the most difficult yet rewarding tasks assigned to the average feline. … Continue reading

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The Origin of Stenches: Goblin Smell in Mating Selection

An essay by Edmund Teile, as provided by Isaac Teile Art by Luke Spooner Abstract: In previously documented interviews with sixty elf warriors, the most commonly identified features of their goblin enemies were, in reverse order, (4) skin color, (3) … Continue reading

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Jack the Giant-Killer: A Species Traitor?

Presented to the Journal of Ahistorical Archeology by Professor T. Phineas Munbar, Ph. D., Fellow, A. A. A., as provided by Dave D’Alessio Art by Errow Collins Giants were apparently more common in the past then they are today. The Bible … Continue reading

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The Assembly of Equals

A letter by Dr. Jane Macdonald, as provided by David Taub Bancroft Illustration by Katie Nyborg Mr. Simon Newsom News Editor Hypothesis Magazine 1867 E. Rogella Rd. Ottawa, ON K1A 0A9  Canada Dear Mr. Newsom: I am writing to protest the article … Continue reading

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