• A Call for Classified Ads

    by  • September 2, 2014 • 0 Comments

    Hello mad scientists! We are once again looking for fictional classified ads from the world of mad scientists to run in an upcoming quarterly. Submissions should be 100-500 words in length, and may have multiple classifieds totaling up to that word count. See our Submissions page for details!

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    Hard to Swallow

    by  • September 1, 2014 • 0 Comments

    An essay by Arthur L. Berkowitz, as provided by Nick Nafpliotis Art by Luke Spooner When most people hold a pill in their hand, it represents some manner of impending relief. Whether it’s prescription strength meds or a good old fashion over-the-counter pain reliever, swallowing that little pellet is supposed to do something that will make...

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    Ask a Mad Scientist

    by  • August 27, 2014 • 0 Comments

    We are once again looking for people to provide questions for our “Ask a Mad Scientist” column that appears in our quarterly. If your question is used in a column, you receive a free copy of that quarterly, and will be credited as the author of your question. If you have questions you’d like to...

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    Mad Scientists in the Wild

    by  • August 26, 2014 • 0 Comments

    We have a couple alumni with work out in the world for you to check out! First, Sean Patrick Hazlett has a story in Fictionvale‘s Episode Three: A Different Outcome! Second, Erik Scott de Bie has just four days left in his Kickstarter for Justice/Vengeance! We encourage you to help these awesome authors out!

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    When I Grow Up

    by  • August 25, 2014 • 2 Comments

    An essay by an anonymous entity, as provided K. Kitts Art by Leigh Legler When I ask my friends what they want to be when they grow up, they say a hotshot fireman, a policeman, the head of an assassin’s guild. Tyra’s always pushing the envelope. But when I grow up, all I want to...

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    Mad Scientists at an Art Show

    by  • August 19, 2014 • 0 Comments

    Two of Mad Scientist Journal’s artists, Leigh Legler and Dawn Vogel, will have pieces in an art show that opens on Thursday, August 21st, in the Seattle area. The show is called Tiny Tales and Small Stories, and the artists were asked to make a piece of art that was smaller than 6 inches...

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    The Eversible Antarctic Sky – Part Two

    by  • August 18, 2014 • 0 Comments

    An essay by Desmond Ashmore, as provided by James Hanson Art by Luke Spooner Click here for Part One! May 25th, 1863 I have been vindicated by my machine, which was unfortunately audible for the better part of three days and required constant attendance. My groundskeeper and I alternated in two hour shifts of...

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    The Eversible Antarctic Sky – Part One

    by  • August 11, 2014 • 0 Comments

    An essay by Desmond Ashmore, as provided by James Hanson Art by Leigh Legler January 26th, 1875, At Sea The purpose of our expedition as stated in our charter is twofold: to determine the ultimate fate of Baxendell’s expedition of 1869, and to recover as much of their personal effects and scientific equipment as...

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