• Books from Mad Scientist Alumni

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    Cover art for Hearts of Tabat

    Several of our MSJ alumni have recently released books that may be of interest to our readers. Cat Rambo has released the second book in her fantasy Tabat Quartet Series, Hearts of Tabat. Though this is the second book in the series, Cat says that you won’t need to have read the first book in order...

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    A Distant Honk

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    Art for "A Distant Honk"

    An essay by Zoe Torres, as provided by Holly Schofield Art by Luke Spooner The footprints were as big as my snowshoe, the narrow heel a crisp outline, the impression not more than a couple of hours old. The tracks beelined from the forest edge right through my campsite, growing more erratic as they...

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    Strange Science: Sonic Attacks?

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    Depiction of sound waves

    In 2016, U.S. diplomats in Cuba claimed to have been attacked with some sort of sonic weapon. And just recently, a U.S. employee in China made similar claims. However, scientists who study sound and its impacts doubt that these incidents were actually attacks, and further suggest that the effects on these people probably weren’t a...

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    Review of As Told by Things

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    Cover art for As Told by Things

    As Told by Things (Atthis Arts LLC, 2018), edited by E. D. E. Bell, is a collection of twenty-five stories told from the perspective of inanimate objects. The stories range in tone from humorous to dark, and all are short pieces that can easily be devoured in even a brief amount of time, making...

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    Battling in All Her Finery Table of Contents

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    Battling in All Her Finery

    We posted this to the Kickstarter at the end of May, but we decided to share it here as well! We’ve received the last of the contracts back from our authors, so we can now announce the table of contents for Battling in All Her Finery. The stories are listed alphabetically by the authors’ last...

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    Strange Science: A Galaxy with Little Dark Matter

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    Galaxies typically comprise a mix of ordinary matter and so-called “invisible” dark matter. Dark matter makes up most of the universe, and though it can’t be seen, its impact on ordinary matter shows scientists that it is there. Recently, however, astronomers have identified a galaxy with almost no dark matter. The galaxy has been...

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    Review of Transmigrations by Eddie Louise

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    Cover art for Transmigrations

    Transmigrations (EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, 2018) is the debut novel by Eddie Louise and the first in the Tales of Sage and Savant series, inspired by the Sage and Savant podcast. The novel is based on the adventures of Doctor Petronella Sage and Erasmus Savant, who travel throughout time by jumping into...

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    What Goes Down Must Come Up

    by  • June 4, 2018 • 1 Comment

    Art for "What Goes Down Must Come Up"

    An essay by Professor Caldwell Mook, as provided by Nick Morrish Art by Ariel Alian Wilson As Mithering Professor of General Negativity, I regularly receive requests to peer review outlandish scientific papers. I generally reject most of them out of hand as either beneath contempt, or simply too dull for words. However, one paper caught...

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    Strange Science: Genetics and Mental Development

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    Pair of teenage twins

    Scientists in the United States and Sweden recently completed a study of genetics and mental development, using twins and tracking eye movement. When young sets of twins were exposed to the same images, researchers tracking their eye movement found that identical twins tended to look at the images in the same way–focusing on the...

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