• An Afternoon with Odessa Malko

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    Art for "An Afternoon with Odessa Malko"

    An interview by R. L. Evars, as provided by Emma Whitehall Art by Ariel Alian Wilson When I first meet Odessa Malko, I barely know what to expect. The marine crypto-biologist has recently become the talk of Aforcaster, with her astounding research into the hitherto-mysterious creature, Microcosmus marinus–otherwise known as the Kraken. However, she...

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    Strange Science: Squirrels and Leprosy in Medieval England

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    Scientists studying a leprosy outbreak in medieval England believe they may have found the culprit: squirrels. More specifically, they suggest that the squirrel pelt trade could have brought this disease to England from Scandinavia. In examining the skull of a medieval woman from East Anglia, scientists have identified damage to the skull caused by...

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    Awesome Finds: As Told by Things Anthology

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    Assortment of old household objects

    Recently, the fine folks at Atthis Arts told us about an anthology that they’re working on called As Told by Things. It’s going to be an anthology of stories told from the perspective of objects–perhaps a mad scientist’s rack of test tubes or a reanimation slab. If you’ve got a story in mind, you can...

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    The Observer’s Paradox

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    Art for "The Observer's Paradox"

    An essay by Sorcha Bell, as provided by Judith Field Art by Shannon Legler I stand on the edge of the giddying cliff. The sea crashes below. “Skildir,” I whisper. The word catches on the wind. Soon the sun will rise. I must catch the brief January light. I will see the eagles fly,...

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    Strange Science: Where Do Pumpkins Come From?

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    A whole lot of mini pumpkins

    We here at Mad Scientist Journal love pumpkin pie this time of year, but never thought much about the history of that noble orange orb. It turns out that pumpkins are a result of a genetic mash-up. While they’ve been around for a long time, what we call pumpkins today are the result of...

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    Review of Of Rooks & Ravens by Nathan Crowder

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    Cover art for Of Rooks & Ravens

    Of Rooks & Ravens (Razorgirl Press, 2017) by MSJ alum Nathan Crowder is the story of a reawakened god and the havoc she wreaks on a town of necromancers and their undead hordes. It involves political intrigue, navigating unknown cultures, and plenty of fights against the undead. Preston, the main character, is the estranged...

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    Welcome to Your Future with Chlorolyft®

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    Art for "Welcome to Your Future with Chlorolyft®"

    A speech by Zazz Burbank, as provided by Tara Campbell Art by Errow Collins Welcome to Chlorolyft®, and congratulations on starting the career of a lifetime! I’m Zazz Burbank, Director of Franchising, and I can’t tell you how inspiring it is to look out onto all of your smiling faces. I see most of...

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    Strange Science: Corpses That Don’t Rot

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    High in the Andes Mountains of Colombia, there’s a small town called San Bernardo (about 3 hours south of Bogata) where some corpses refuse to rot. And it’s not just the corpses, it’s their clothing, too! Were it only the bodies that haven’t rotted, there could be scientific explanations related to the diet that...

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    What are our Mad Scientist alumni up to now?

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    Cover art for The Price of Time

    This month’s mad scientist alum news brings us novels, short stories, translations, and honorable mentions! Candida Spillard has a new novel, The Price of Time, available in print and for Kindle, under the name C. L. Spillard. Caroline Yoachim had three stories published in anthologies in September: “Faceless Soldiers, Patchwork Ship” in Infinity Wars (Solaris, 2017), “Dreams as...

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