• Gauss’s Invitation

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    Selected correspondence received by Professor Hans Dorfenheimer during the “Martian Troubles” (1908-1909), compiled by Gary Cuba Illustration by Justine McGreevy Rev. Richard Gauss Denver, Colorado, September 3, 1908 Professor Doctor Hans Dorfenheimer, Göttingen, Germany Dear Prof. Dorfenheimer, In reply to your recent letter, I’m very sorry that I cannot offer any substantial help with...

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    Special Call for Submissions

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    While I’m working on getting the Spring 2012 collection out ASAP, I’m also looking to get things going for the Summer 2012. I have a dream of getting it together by the end of September and so we’re putting out the call a little earlier in the quarter in hopes of meeting that goal....

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    A Resubmission to Xenobiology by Clark et al.

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    Provided by S. R. Algernon December 21, 2218 Dear Editors of Xenobiology: We are writing in response to the latest round of reviewer comments on “The use of acoustic deterrents against macrofauna in the surface ice sheets of Europa: ecological and economic implications” by Clark and Hopkins. We appreciate the efficiency of Xenobiology’s updated Virtual...

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    Man Out of Time

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    An essay by Nikola Tesla, presented by Adam Israel Illustration by Katie Nyborg The beginning of the end started on 22 July, 1899. I stood outside my laboratory atop Pikes Peak, near Colorado Springs. The frequent electrical storms the area was known for made this an ideal location to carry out my research. Forks...

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    A Critique of Vorchek’s Holobiologia

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    An essay by Leonard Smok, as presented by Jeffery Scott Sims Photography by Eleanor Leonne Bennett In this latest edition of “Weird Case Files” we consider the curious new book, just published by Starfire Press, entitled Holobiologia: Unlocking the Ultimate Secrets of Life. This largish volume, by one Anton Vorchek, Professor of something-or-other, purports...

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    New Fiction by Thomas Canfield

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    If you enjoyed last week’s story provided by MSJ contributor Thomas Canfield, then you will be pleased to know that he has two more new pieces out that you can read. UK podcast Cast of Wonders provides an audio version of Canfield’s story “A Clean Sweep of It.” Also, at Daily Science Fiction you can read his...

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