• Machine to Describe a Moth

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    Art for "Machine to Describe a Moth"

    An essay by Dr. Phillip R. Bates, as provided by J. Lee Strickland Art by Shannon Legler I found the street, although my anxiety about the city would often turn the simplest directions into a trial. It was lined with attached single homes of Gothic aspect, steep gables fronting on the street and windows with leaded...

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    Strange Science: Studying Monsters

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    Artist's rendering of medieval monsters

    Did you know that there’s an entire organization devoted to the study of medieval monsters? They’re called MEARCSTAPA, which stands for Monsters: the Experimental Association for the Research of Cryptozoology through Scholarly Theory And Practical Application. The name of the group sounds like a bit of a nonsense word, which is partly intentional. But...

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    Mad Scientist Journal Open to Submissions in December

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    Cover Art for Mad Scientist Journal: Autumn 2017

    For the month of December, we will be looking for submissions of quarterly-exclusive stories (which do not have to be first person) and classified ads. To learn more about these types of submissions, check out our submissions page. All submissions should conform to standard manuscript format and be submitted through our Submittable portal, which...

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    On Kickstarter: Brown Sugar Fairies

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    Cover art for Brown Sugar Fairies

    We have a lot of nieces and nephews at Mad Scientist Journal, so when we see an adorable early readers chapter book about the magic of friendship, we’re definitely interested! Written by Aiysha Sinclair and illustrated by Joyceline Furniss, Brown Sugar Fairies tells the story of a young girl, Pippa, who meets a fairy named Saroja,...

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    Strange Science: The Frilled Shark

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    Frilled shark

    A frilled shark sounds like an animal that would be at home at a tea party, with frills and ruffles, right? Wrong. The frilled shark, Chlamydoselachus anguineus, is actually a terrifying, serpentine shark with 300 needle-sharp teeth lining its mouth in neat rows. It’s also a shark that has been around for a long time....

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    That Man Behind the Curtain: October 2017

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    Jeremy Zimmerman and a Kitten

    October featured a few new things: We sold books at GeekGirl Con for the first time. We also did a different sort of promotion than we normally do. The Money Aspect Amounts in parentheses are losses/expenses. Hosting: (-$17.06) Stories: (-$75.00) Art: (-$187.63) Advertising: (-$149.09) Processing Fees: (-$4.77) Printing: (-$19.47) Conventions: (-$45.00) Shipping: (-$66.02) Donations:...

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    Sheila Get Your Gun

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    Art for "Sheila Get Your Gun"

    An essay by Mrs Sheila Merrill, as provided by Maureen Bowden Art by Amanda Jones It was New Year’s Day. The doorbell rang; I wrapped a towel around my wet hair and opened the door to Louise, my great-granddaughter. “Hello, dear.” I said. “I’m shampooed, rinsed, and ready to be beautified.” “Okay, GG,” she...

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    Strange Science: The Supernova That Won’t Die

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    A supernova is defined as the explosion that occurs when a star dies. Generally speaking, a dead star stops shining, but astronomers have located a star that has exploded multiple times during the past fifty years. The star in question, designated iPTF14hls, is more than fifty times larger than Earth’s Sun, which may explain why...

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