• Welcome to Your Future with Chlorolyft®

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    Art for "Welcome to Your Future with Chlorolyft®"

    A speech by Zazz Burbank, as provided by Tara Campbell Art by Errow Collins Welcome to Chlorolyft®, and congratulations on starting the career of a lifetime! I’m Zazz Burbank, Director of Franchising, and I can’t tell you how inspiring it is to look out onto all of your smiling faces. I see most of...

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    Strange Science: Corpses That Don’t Rot

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    High in the Andes Mountains of Colombia, there’s a small town called San Bernardo (about 3 hours south of Bogata) where some corpses refuse to rot. And it’s not just the corpses, it’s their clothing, too! Were it only the bodies that haven’t rotted, there could be scientific explanations related to the diet that...

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    What are our Mad Scientist alumni up to now?

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    Cover art for The Price of Time

    This month’s mad scientist alum news brings us novels, short stories, translations, and honorable mentions! Candida Spillard has a new novel, The Price of Time, available in print and for Kindle, under the name C. L. Spillard. Caroline Yoachim had three stories published in anthologies in September: “Faceless Soldiers, Patchwork Ship” in Infinity Wars (Solaris, 2017), “Dreams as...

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    That Man Behind the Curtain: September 2017

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    Dawn Vogel and Amanda Cherry cosplaying it up for our table at GeekGirlCon 2017.

    September got back into being zany. We had two conventions we attended and shipped out two books. We learned some lessons along the way. The Money Aspect Amounts in parentheses are losses/expenses. Hosting: (-$17.06) Stories: (-$45.00) Art: (-$187.63) Advertising: (-$115.34) Processing Fees: (-$7.21) Printing: (-$2,457.15) Conventions: (-$45.00) Donations: $68.66 Ad Revenue: $0.12 Physical Sales:...

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    The Molecules That Bind Us

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    An essay by Dr. Ian Wessner, as provided by Christa Carmen Art by Luke Spooner Some might find it disconcerting, creepy, even; but to me, Dr. Ian Wessner Jr., the sound is music to my ears. It’s like something from a Star Wars movie–a combination of R2-D2 passing along some critical message and the Millennium...

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    Strange Science: Holey Ice in Antarctica

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    Polynya off the Antarctic Coast

    Holes that open up in the ice pack in Antarctica are nothing new. They’re called polynyas, and they can be caused near coastlines by warmer water or wind. Scientists have recently identified a polynya in Antarctica that is hundreds of kilometers inland, an unusual place for a polynya to form. It’s also roughly the...

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    On Kickstarter: Wayward Sisters

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    A portion of the cover art for Wayward Sisters

    TO Comix Press is crowdfunding an anthology of comics about monstrous women (and non-binary folks), written and illustrated by women and non-binary folks! This Kickstarter for Wayward Sisters drew me in with the picture of what I interpret as a mermaid luring someone in, but clearly, she’s not what she seems beneath the surface of the...

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    Is the Vampire Diet Healthy?

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    Art for "Is the Vampire Diet Healthy?"

    An essay by Dr. A. Cula and A. B. Positive Reprinted from Hemophagy Today Brought to our attention by E. B. Fischadler Art by Scarlett O’Hairdye For some time now, ballooning baby boomers, ever expanding gen-xers, self-absorbed millennials, and others have been obsessed with various diets such as the Atkins diet, the carbo diet,...

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    Strange Science: Ice in Space?

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    Bubbles trapped in ice

    Could ice in space be the key to life (itself)? Scientists in Japan think so! A team of scientists recently simulated ice that could exist in space, and then exposed it to simulated starlight. At first, the increased temperature made it crack, but then bubbles formed and popped until the ice reached a warmer...

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    Review of Serpent’s Sacrifice by Trish Heinrich

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    Cover art for Serpent's Sacrifice

    Serpent’s Sacrifice by Trish Heinrich is the first book in her Vigilantes series of super hero novels. Set in the fictional Jet City that bears some resemblance to parts of the Pacific Northwest, the book follows Alice from her childhood with an abusive father to her adulthood where she takes on the mantle of...

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