• Review of Mirror Bound by Rhiannon Held

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    Cover art for Mirror Bound

    Mirror Bound (2018) is a stand-alone urban fantasy novel by MSJ alum Rhiannon Held. Breaking from the tropes of this genre, the story follows Verity, a non-human sidekick to a team of monster-fighting mages. Bound to the leader of that team by another mage, Verity struggles between belonging and independence. Verity comes from a...

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    An Interview with Jennifer Lee Rossman

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    Author Jennifer Lee Rossman

    Today, we’re chatting with Jennifer Lee Rossman, another of our Battling in All Her Finery authors! DV: Tell us a bit about yourself! Jennifer Lee Rossman: I’m an autistic, wheelchair-using sci-fi geek who cross stitches. So yes, I’m a *ton* of fun at parties. DV: What inspired you to write “The Leximancer’s Rebellion” for Battling...

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    Strange Science: Flying Spiders

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    Small spider in a circular web

    Warning, today’s post contains spiders. Young spiders often use strands of their silk to “balloon” from place to place, but scientists have recently discovered that spiders are also able to use electrical fields to travel vast distances, sometimes hundreds of miles. Thunderstorms cause an electrical field that spans the globe, giving the upper atmosphere...

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    An Interview with D. A. Xiaolin Spires, Part 2

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    Costumes from the Ibalong Festival in the Phillipines

    Today, we’re completing our interview with author D. A. Xiaolin Spires, whose story “The Weeping Bolo” will appear in Battling in All Her Finery. The first half of her interview is here. DV: Your story includes a piece of epic poetry widely believed to be originally orally propagated in Old Bikol language that had been...

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    On Kickstarter: Bikes Not Rockets

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    Cover art for Bikes Not Rockets

    If you’re looking for a collection of sci-fi short stories about bicyclists, you’ve come to the right place! Elly Blue Publishing is currently running a Kickstarter for the fifth book in their feminist bicycle science fiction series, this one titled Bikes Not Rockets. Not only does it sound like an awesome project and collection, it...

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    Genemech Announces Bio-Security Incident and Confirms Release of Giant Death Bees

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    Art for "Genemech Announces Bio-Security Incident and Confirms Release of Giant Death Bees"

    A press release authorised by Dr. Mackenzie Cooper, Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder Genemech, as provided by Paul Alex Gray Art by Luke Spooner FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE VENUS SPRINGS, NEVADA, October 12th, 2019 /PRWorldWire Genemech (NYSE: GMNX) today announced a bio-security incident originating in the company’s WN45 facility. WN45 is a classified advanced manufacturing...

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    Strange Science: Regions of the Brain Involved in Dreaming

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    Diagram of a human brain

    Science has long believed that in the human brain, dreams largely occurred  during the rapid eye-movement (REM) phase of sleep, but scientists studying dreams recently have learned that different types of dreams occur in different parts of the brain, and at different times in the sleep cycle. Specifically, they learned that “dreaming about faces...

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    An Interview with Jennifer R. Povey

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    Cover art for Falling Dusk by Jennifer R. Povey

    Today, we bring you another interview with one of our Battling in All Her Finery authors, Jennifer R. Povey! DV: Tell us a bit about yourself! Jennifer R. Povey: I never think of myself as that interesting—I’m a science fiction writer and freelancer who lives in northern Virginia (great museums, not so great urban sprawl)....

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