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    Strange Concoctions of the Past

    by  • June 18, 2019 • MSJ Time Machine • 0 Comments

    Open book, candle, and copper mixing vessel

    We’ve published few stories about alchemy at Mad Scientist Journal, but here are a few selections about mixtures and concoctions just outside of reality. “The Essence of Sprout” by Nick Morrish (an experiment on restoring lost senses) “Old Mother Shudders” by Tom McGee (traditional remedies for lycanthropy) “The Infernal Bones of Canaan, Mississippi” by Elizabeth...

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    Previous Nanotech Stories

    by  • June 13, 2019 • MSJ Time Machine • 0 Comments

    If you’d like to read more stories involving nanotechnology, check out these selections! “Forty-Flesh Barrier” by Raluca Balasa (more cybernetics than nanotechnology, but along the same lines) “The Origins of Chem-Art: A Look into the Manifestation of Final Blush of the Republic” by Sam Jowett (nanotechnology and art) (available in MSJ Summer 2017) “Data...

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    Space Travel Throughout the History of MSJ

    by  • May 23, 2019 • MSJ Time Machine • 0 Comments

    A glimpse of the Deep Space Atomic Clock in the middle bay of the General Atomics Orbital Test Bed spacecraft. Image Credit: NASA

    We’ve published a lot of science fiction stories involving space travel over the years at Mad Scientist Journal. Here’s just a few of them! “Every Little Star” by Fiona Moore (an alternate history look at 1960s space travel and technology) “Introduction to the Journal of Interplanetary Lycan Studies, Volume 1” by S. Qiouyi Lu...

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    Throwback to Other Linguistic Stories

    by  • May 14, 2019 • MSJ Time Machine • 0 Comments

    Chinese characters embossed on metal

    We’ve published a few stories about linguistics and languages. If you enjoyed Monday’s story, check these out too! “Handling the Contents of Consciousness” by Soramimi Hanarejima (secrets, words, and beauty) “Introduction to the Epic of Centipidus” by Hamilton Perez (insect language) (available in Spring 2017 quarterly) “Linguapocalypse” by Michael Monaco (the end of language)...

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    Previous Abnormal Biologies

    by  • May 2, 2019 • MSJ Time Machine • 0 Comments

    Spirobranchus giganteus

    We’ve published a number of stories about abnormal biologies, under the guise of xenobiology. Here are a few you might enjoy! “Sacrifice” by Annika Sundberg (everyone’s favorite strange critter, tardigrades!) “Concerning Your Recent Creation of Sentient Horse-things on the Next Planet Over” by Stewart C. Baker (a feud between scientists gone awry) (available in...

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    Past Calculations

    by  • April 23, 2019 • MSJ Time Machine • 0 Comments

    Mathematic formulas

    If you liked this week’s story about game theory, here are a handful of other stories you might enjoy! “Two to the Power of One” by Melanie Rees (calculating survival) “A Date to be Remembered” by Stuart Webb (recalculating a dating system) (available in Spring 2017 quarterly) “On Conveying Private Material and Persons in...

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    Music and Mad Science

    by  • April 16, 2019 • MSJ Time Machine • 0 Comments

    Neon in the shape of a human face and musical notes

    Music and mad science aren’t things that always go together, but we’ve published a few stories over the years involving these two topics. “Cryptoid Sonics: An Investigation into the Uses of Cryptozoological Sounds” by Andy Brown (applications for the sounds made by cryptids) (available in MSJ Spring 2018) “The Nightingale of Atlantic City” by...

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