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Strange Science: Listening to Earthquake Data

Seismologists have an overabundance of seismic data and not enough time to sift through it all. In order to make their lives a little easier, seismologists at Northwestern University have launched a program called “Earthquake Detective.” Through this program, they’re … Continue reading

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Send Us Your Imaginary Acquaintance Stories!

If you haven’t already submitted your stories of imaginary acquaintances for consideration for I Didn’t Break the Lamp: Historical Accounts of Imaginary Acquaintances, time is running out! Our submission period ends at midnight Pacific time on Sunday, March 31st, which is … Continue reading

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Review of The Travelling Triple-C Incorporeal Circus

The Traveling Triple-C Incorporeal Circus (Atthis Arts, LLC, 2019) by Alanna McFall is the story of a road trip unlike any other road trip you’ve ever experienced. As two ghosts and a mute woman who can communicate with ghosts travel … Continue reading

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Teens with Big Ideas on Climate Change

The Regeneron Science Talent Search is an opportunity for high school students to present their original scientific research and win awards based on that research. Winners of the annual competition were announced last week, and included a mathematical model to … Continue reading

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Strange Science: Exploding Grapes

Grapes are pretty cool because they make wine, but did you know that they will also explode if you put them in the microwave (which does not make wine)? If you put even two grapes in the microwave, or a … Continue reading

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Raising the Dead from the Archives

If you enjoyed our tale of weird necromancy on Monday, here are a few more stories from the MSJ archives you might also enjoy! “Deddville” by Nicole Tanquary (a town populated by the dead, and one living man) “There Will Be … Continue reading

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Interview with Alanna McFall

Today, we’re talking with one of our MSJ alum, Alanna McFall, who has her first full-length book, The Travelling Triple-C Incorporeal Circus, due out in June 2019. DV: Tell us a bit about yourself! Alanna McFall: My name is Alanna McFall … Continue reading

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Mad Scientists at Emerald City Comic Con

Emerald City Comic Con, also known as ECCC, is an enormous convention in Seattle, and although Mad Scientist Journal will not have an official presence there, MSJ Editorial Assistant and alumni Amanda Cherry will be a panelist at this convention. You can find … Continue reading

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Strange Science: The Meteor and the Blood Moon

Amateur and professional astronomers alike got an exciting treat during January’s blood moon–a meteor impacted the surface of the moon while all eyes were on the skies. While scientists say that meteors of the size observe strike the moon about … Continue reading

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More Cryptozoology

If you enjoyed Monday’s cryptozoology story, here are a few more stories you might also enjoy! “How to Build a Pig-Duck” by Rachel Rodman (hybrid and chimera creatures) “The Benefits and Risks of Calorific Fat Cell Inversion” by Denzell Cooper … Continue reading

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