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Missing Apocalypse

An essay by Jason Cartwright and Timothy Cartwright, as provided by D. M. Allan Photograph by Dawn Vogel Dear Peter, I read the obituary you wrote for my grandfather and I really appreciate what you said about him. I know … Continue reading

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Review of Clockwork Fairy Tales

A review by Dawn Vogel Clockwork Fairy Tales (2013, Rok Books), edited by Stephen L. Antczak and James C. Bassett, is an anthology of nine steampunk adaptations of classic fairy tales. Growing up with Disney movies, I expected that I’d … Continue reading

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That Man Behind the Curtain: June 2013

Here are some numbers behind the glamorous life of running a zine. We’re doing this later in the month to allow all the disparate reporting sources for book sales to come in.

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On Dragon Eyes

A Practical Technique for Spectacle Removal in the Royal Dragon (Draco regius) By Simonius Selvius, scholar-in-residence at the University of Heliopolis South, and Harun ibn Saleh Abd al-Bari, senior researcher at the University of the Nile, as provided by Sarah … Continue reading

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Our Devilish Savior

An editorial by Dr. Francis Niemann, as provided by J. Rohr Photograph by Dawn Vogel Damnation through salvation. The concept isn’t new. As St. Bernard of Clairvaux observed, “L’enfer est plein de bonnes volontés et désirs.” Or, in a more … Continue reading

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Hello all! I pushed this back a day since we had a story appearing on the site, but now I’m free and clear to share with all of you: Mad Scientist Journal: Spring 2013 is now available through both Smashwords and … Continue reading

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Keep Your Pants On

An essay by Dr. Keith Piantsov, Ph.D., as provided by Heather Frederick Art by Luke Spooner/Carrion House I’d been raised not to stare. But surely her dog wouldn’t mind–for science? For a week, each morning she’d walked him past my … Continue reading

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A Case Study of the Side Effects of Nauseamin and their Possible Treatment

An essay by Dr. John Carver, as provided by Diana Parparita Art by Scarlett O’Hairdye Aidan was one of the first cases. Looking back, I should have noticed it sooner: the weight loss, the heavy makeup, her temper getting shorter … Continue reading

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Hazelwitch vs. Hazelwitch

An essay by Judge Salvadore Ironfist, as provided by K.G. Jewell Photograph by Dawn Vogel (This story is also available in audio format at Toasted Cake.) BE IT REMEMBERED on January 21, 2012, the Court held a hearing in the … Continue reading

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Chuck the Alien

An essay by Dexter Smithers, as provided by Michael Rettig Art by Justine McGreevy My life changed for the infinite better one year, four months, and twenty three days ago. Hell, I’m even getting a Pulitzer Prize next month for … Continue reading

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