A Thank You to Our Artists, Part 2

Last week, we thanked several of our artists who have helped make MSJ so awesome! This week, we are thanking several more!

We met Errow and America at the same time, when they were cosplaying Cecil and Carlos from Welcome to Nightvale at GeekGirlCon. We told them we loved their costumes, and they gave us their card. When we found out they were artists, we contacted them to see if they would like to do some commissioned artwork for us, and they agreed! They’ve been producing covers and interior artwork for us ever since! Check out Errow’s portfolio here and America’s here!

Scarlett O’Hairdye is a Seattle-based burlesque performer who we met through that art form. We found out she was also an artist, and we brought her on board to make art for us as well! She’s done some of our strangest pieces, when there was no one else we could think to give it to other than her! You can find more about her here!

Finally, Ariel Alian Wilson is someone who Jeremy has known since she was a toddler, who has also developed into a talented artist in the intervening years between then and now. She’s the artist behind one of our most popular MSJ covers, “Scientist Cat“. You can find more of her work here!

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