Other Evolution Stories

If you enjoyed Monday’s story about a species evolving, check out these other stories!

“Reproductive Strategy in a New Giant Carnivorous Ostracod” by Rebecca Siân Pyne (genetic adaptations of a species in which there are no males) (available in MSJ Winter 2018)

“A Taste of Empty” by Dorian Graves (human evolution into something more) (available in MSJ Winter 2015)

“Sweet Sand Fleas” by Steve Zisson (communication with whales through evolution) (available in MSJ Spring 2014)

“Its Terrible White Horn” by Ian Rose (bringing unicorns back into the world) (available in MSJ Spring 2014)

“The Natural History of Carnivorism in Unicorns” by Torrey Podmajersky (a study of prehistoric unicorns) (available in MSJ Spring 2012)



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