Other Cryptozoology Stories

If you enjoyed yesterday’s story about an unusual creature, here are some other stories you might like!

The Skitterer: An Impression of an Imaginary Companion” by G. D. Watry (a strange cryptid that might or might not be real)

“Old Mother Shudders” by Tom McGee (advice on fighting cryptozoological monstrosities) (available in MSJ Winter 2019)

“From Matchsticks to Flamethrowers: On the Evolution of Dragons” by Isaac Teile (tracing the evolution of one of the most mythical creatures) (available in MSJ Summer 2017)

“Stheno” by Marnie Azzarelli (one cryptid makes her way in the modern world) (available in MSJ Spring 2017)

“Containment of the Last Queen” by Alby Darling (on the hunt for a legendary cryptid) (available in MSJ Autumn 2015)

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