Even More Alumni Short Stories, Games, and More!

Initial cover art for the Young Explorer's Adventure Guide, vol. 6Our MSJ alumni have been busy, with even more new publications!

Cliff Winnig has a story in the recently published Straight Outta Deadwood from Baen Books.

Author Matt Moran has published a game called A Bitter Gambit, a rules-light game of sword and sorcery.

Patrick Hurley recently had his story, “Whispers in the Garden,” reprinted at Frozen Wavelets. And he’s not the only one of our alumni that Frozen Wavelets has published–Deborah Davitt, Stewart C. Baker, Anatoly Belilovsky, and co-editor Dawn Vogel also have poetry in the first issue of Frozen Wavelets!

Andrew K. Hoe, who will have a story in the final issue of Mad Scientist Journal, has an essay on monster movement in the December 2019 issue of ParABnormal.

Andrew K. Hoe also has a story in the recently released Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide (volume 6), which also includes stories from Wendy Nikel, Holly Schofield, Deborah Walker, and co-editor Dawn Vogel!

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