Stories for Younger Readers

Cover art for Battling in All Her FineryThe second Tuesday in November is Young Reader’s Day, and while we often publish stories that are not for all ages, we have some recommendations that are for younger readers!

Our Battling in All Her Finery anthology from last year was assembled with an eye toward keeping the language and situations at a PG-13 level. While there are one or two curse words across the entire anthology, most of the stories are totally appropriate to share with younger readers. Parents or other adults can always pre-read the book before they pass it on to younger readers, also!

Additionally, we wholeheartedly recommend the Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide series from Dreaming Robot Press, which frequently features MSJ alum as contributors. These anthologies also are geared toward younger readers, and have some great sci-fi for all ages! The most recently published volume is volume 5, but voume 6 will be out later this year!

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