More Thanksgiving Reads

Pumpkins and moreLast year, we recommended some stories to read on Thanksgiving, and we’re back with some more recommendations this year too!

On a Winter’s Night” by Paul Crenshaw (more of a winter story, but perfect if you like your Thanksgiving a bit on the spooky side of things)

The Essence of Sprout” by Nick Morrish (scientific experiments on taste buds)

“In memoriam: Hammy, the Last Pig on Earth” by Joachim Heijndermans (if you’d prefer a Thanksgiving ham over turkey) (available in MSJ Autumn 2018)

“After Fear Becomes My Friend” by Richard Zwicker (even monsters deserve a nice Thanksgiving) (available in MSJ Autumn 2015)

“Living Blue” by Dr. J.A. Grier (when your family doesn’t understand your life’s work) (available in MSJ Winter 2015)

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