More Halloween Reads!

Jack o' LanternsLast year, we suggested stories you might like to read for Halloween. This year, we’re back with more, and giving you enough lead time to get copies of the ones that are no longer on the website!

On a Winter’s Night” by Paul Crenshaw (a creepy Gothic tale)

Old Mother Shudders” by Tom McGee (advice for those dealing with an infestation of supernatural creatures)

“Guts” by Theodore C. Van Alst, Jr. (when the insects strike back) (available in Mad Scientist Journal Autumn 2018)

“In Lieu of the Upper Hand” by J. A. Psoras (a dark story of revenge) (available in Mad Scientist Journal Winter 2018)

“Is the Vampire Diet Healthy?” by E. B. Fischadler (a lighter consideration of a strict blood diet) (available in Mad Scientist Journal Autumn 2017)

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