Previous Libraries and Vampires We’ve Explored

Rounded library reading room at the Maughan LibraryWe’ve published several stories about libraries and vampires. If you enjoyed Monday’s story, here are some more you might like!

A Last Minute Message to the Youth” by Brodie Lowe (how to deal with a vampire problem)

“Is the Vampire Diet Healthy?” by E. B. Fischadler (evaluating the nutritious qualities of blood) (available in MSJ Autumn 2017 quarterly)

“Constructing the Provably Complete Library” by Emma Tonkin (an infinite library) (available in MSJ Autumn 2016 quarterly)

“Pursuing a Doctorate at Miskatonic U” by Gary Cuba (the perils of library research at an arcane institution) (available in MSJ Spring 2016 quarterly)

“After Fear Becomes My Friend” by Richard Zwicker (Dracula and other monsters celebrating their natures) (available in MSJ Autumn 2015 quarterly)


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